Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790

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  • LXi

When will Sony Ericsson start giving their flagship phones quad-band? When they do, gimme a call, I'll be first in line to buy one.

  • yeah

yeah to bad sony ericsson can mix the 2 bands like Nokia did with the n80 and 6233, but still the n80 owns this one in feature set.

  • Anonymous

Obviously, this phone has the best combination of features to date although I dislike the styling in the joystick area-could be cleaner IMO. Unlike this phone, the k750, has a very little waste of valuable real estate but I quess how are you going to fit in all those features! The screen looks a bit small in comparison to the size of the phone. I guess I was expecting Wilma and not Betty. I'll still buy it though for the features alone.

  • Anonymous

I has a four part review of the K800/K790. Each part reviews a different aspect of the phone (but it is not a complete review, yet).

  • H.L.

Oh I know... K800 has a secondary VGA camera

  • H.L.

what's the difference between K790 and K800..??? except for one has edge the other has 3G

  • Anonymous

For the individual that said they "tested" this phone already, and that the pictures suck, I know I am not going to believe some random source. Not because I am "SE lover," but because it would be stupid to just believe someone that randomly posts on a forum. I will wait until it is actually reviewed by GSMarena and other sites and base my decision on that. If it turns out that the phone doesn't live up to the hype, I will probably go with my back up chose, the Samsung D600.

  • Anonymous

No George the K790 won't use the "regular" Memory Stick, it will be using the new Memory Stick Micro, which you have to buy a whole new Memory Stick. That is were sony is going to rope in the most money. It's like the way a lot of stores give away free printers, and get you on the ink.

  • Anonymous

I noticed both the K800 and K790 are up on the SE website for Europe, but no K790 is up on the America side, does that mean a later release or just that individuals in charge of the America website are just too lazy to put the K790 on the website?

  • Anonymous

r u the specs its says YES to edge

  • cviki

i have next phone will be k790i.

  • Rohan

The biggest downer is the video resolution, it is QCIF=176 x 144, what's up with that SE?? I guess I will stick on to my N70 for some time longer!!

  • George

They won't have with it a memory stick?!
PLZ someone tell me...

  • YoungSoze

This phone is simply incredible. I was really considering getting the K750, but this phone looks better and has better features. Sony Ericcsson did it again. And the phone is not ugly its just an acquired taste. The phone is a great mixture of class and style. Its not a phone for the extravagant, but for the modest who prefer brains over braun.

  • San

Such a great phone.though...!

small screen size!!!
however i gotta say that no phone can take better pics than SE does HOWEVER lol again! pics are NOT the main thing people look for in cellphones.

I STAND BY FOR WHAT I HAVE SAID A WHILE AGO IN SE PAGE WHICH IS : N80 from NOKIA is still the best or will be in has what both K790i,K800i have.

  • criisti

and not to mention their wonderfull screens that have....older model Nokia 7650 had a better screen then the new SE phones......

  • Anonymous

this phone sucks big time...what the hell is up with that joystick?!can't se learn something from the other's not enough that their phones suck,camera sucks on all their models that they have, to be ugly as well...keep up the good work se,this way other brands don't have to worry about actual tests SE failled to Nokia and Samsung(models tested:SE K750i,N90 and D600);i have tested the models myself,and fist off the pictures up=loaded on this site are BULL&^$^,they have nothing in common with the real deal,but i guess that is a price to pay when testing prototypes,further more this k800 may have 3.2mpx but the results again will awufull.i do not expect that somebody from this paige to agree with cuz it's the SE page and all,but se sux big time

  • Farhan

can any1 plz tell me whts
and whts is it for..
and the function of WLAN

  • Dreadnought

Well, fantastic camera according to specs. Looks awful though, non quad-band and no EDGE. But still nice...


Yeah it a good mobile but we dont have yet her in cell ucom dubai we are located at mall of emirates.