Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790

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  • AnonD-167189

I miss you K790, lost you on the day of my wedding after 2 years of superb experience. I still have all the photos from this camera and what a great camera this phone had with xenon flash. I still have the remains in pretty good condition

  • Anonymous

Amrit, 08 Oct 2012i have this phone but it doesnt turn on any more some times... morecheck the battery

  • k790 guy

Ankit, 05 Jun 2011This is the best phone i had ever used. The only issue with... moreMy battery died last year and found out SE discontinued the bst-33. However I bought a 3rd party battery and it works great. Shipped in a week from HK, cheaper than the old bst-33 batteries on ebay.

X-Level Battery for Sony Ericsson BST-33

Thank you, Momax, for extending the lifecycle of my fave phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

top keys

  • siva

sb, 12 Mar 2013i really want this phone.but where can by pleaz let me know... moreu can find in or

  • Vishy

It is a gem of a mobile phone.. Even in a Android era, this works like a charm..

  • AnonD-156010

could you please let me know the steps how to access internet, i have been using this phone for 6 years but never accessed internet. As well does this phone have document reader and can i access google map through this phone for navigation purpose

  • phaecian

Im using this damn thing for 5 long years now. In fact im writing this comment in it using opera mini. Iv got facebook in it and can even check my mails. This is unbelievable, its an era of smart phones and im still not tired of it. Im loving it \m/

  • AnonD-126878

nice phone

  • sb

i really want this phone.but where can by pleaz let me know.thank you

  • Biswajeet

Is this phone till now in stock ? I would like to borrow this phone after this week. It would be of great pleasure if you would inform me.

  • Bj Leong

Good day!May I ask,where to purchase this phone?This is very important for me to have this,the same unit..Thank you and looking forward for the help..Thank you so much again,in advance.

  • yogi

i want to purchases k790 body n microsd


Amrit, 08 Oct 2012i have this phone but it doesnt turn on any more some times... more
change the battery the infra redlight blinks it means it dosent have enough power to switch on. bst 33 is the battrey no. hope this helps.

  • AnonD-75066

How do i use my sony Ericsson in another country apart from where it came from?

  • Shanghirae

my sony ericsson k790i doesnt work in my country, but it used to work where i was. I dont stay there anymore since i finished my mission, how do i use it in my country

  • Amrit

i have this phone but it doesnt turn on any more some times the infared light blinks, but thats it my dad used this phone and loved it better than his old blackberry curve 8310. if some knows how to fix, will fix for free, or can buy this discontinued phone, i will suerly give him the phone working for a bithday present from his son
because he really wants this phone to use

  • umesh kumar

please sir cell info display

  • wrenz

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2012i ve the phone since 08 but suddenly my phone stopped worki... moreconnect it to a customisation tool (xs++) n re-install the firmware.
u'l lose all your data but ur phone will start working n be ressetd as brand new.