Sony Ericsson P800

Sony Ericsson P800

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  • Nowell

This is the best cellphone ever made! I've been using my P800 on/off for 9 years now! NO BREAK DOWNS!!! AWESOME!!!!

I've purchased and used iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS and they all have problems. I've tried Nokias and they also had major problems.

I trashed all other brands and just use my P800.

  • reymondo

why cannot play java game in my SE P800? message:invalid java version. not compatible.. i use game extension jar from google

  • Chris2

sanchael, 30 Mar 2011yep ts a good phone but hw may i set my perssonal rington i... moreYou can't set an MP3 as a ringtone, I know it works with WAV files, maybe some other formats but I know I had to convert an MP3 to WAV before I could use it as a ringtone.

  • TRON

Yes the P800 is really well made, used it since 2002!! still original battery( must be better made back then) Have dropped it several times with no damage. GREAT MODEL

  • sanchael

yep ts a good phone but hw may i set my perssonal rington i mn an mp3 ring tone

  • riaz

One fo the worst phone ever experienced... but the music is amazing...suprisingly i bought this for 40000.still regret and having fun with my p1i now, its become old waiting for the new xperia thing for sure...if u start using sony wont think of swaping it for other competitor mobile.

  • Ian Dunross

It does surprised me i am not the only one on planet who've got the P800 back in 2003 and still been using it daily. 7 years from then how far the world has evolved and so many newer generation phones come and go. Yet my P800 is still going strong. Surely the camera is so out of place now but the phone got all that you need as a PDA. So durable, well-designed and simply ahead of her time. The Original battery still works perfectly lasting 2 to 3 days standby under moderate use. The blue colour theme really stand out. Back then it took so long waiting the phone to hit the market after announcement and proved good thing worths waiting for. I really love my P800.

  • jacobrocklyn

when i put the phone on,it keeping on going off, without me switching it off,i really don't understand, and i what to know the right model battery i m to use in it.

  • emma

Vincent, 27 Aug 2010i can not set any ringtone at my p800, suggestions?????than... morethe phone is some how complicated and can be used by people who have used ericsson phones for long. Go to call settings but if problems persists insert a memory chip with songs and make one a tone.

  • Vincent

i can not set any ringtone at my p800, suggestions?????thanks
my email,


am using this phone but the problem i ve is that ican,t brows with it

  • ?

I had this phone years ago and was far beyond its time. Brilliant * Gonna get one of the bay for 25 nicker an reminisce.

  • 100bajan

My screen has stopped working, so I cannot enter data. How can this be addressed?

  • Anonymous

Is Sony Ericsson P800 a triband phone?

  • keiran

i am not getting this phone now 1 am getting the nokia c3 now

  • keiran

i am safing up to get this phone is it a good i dear for £25 ... plz tell me on thats my email

  • Anonymous

the best phone i've ever had! im still using it ryt now..

  • farhan

hi guys i bought dis phone 2months back i wanted to collect some old phones its a terific phone i ever had used

  • Anonymous

format memory

  • bilal

this is very good phone i am still using this phone....
you can set your ring tone :
goto control panel in general tab-click on phone preferences-click on the sounds and alerts... Now you can set your right tone