Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900

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  • BOOM


the P900 is available in Europe and Asia!!

  • boiko

the KING !
if you find such interface and functions and capabilities combined i'll be glad.
i've got one finally and become a believer that p800 finally has a decent succesor after all others tried SE did it.

  • benny

i love p900,is a good cellphones in the world.

  • Dr T610

To Everyone:
I have a very funny feeling that nokia is getting desperate to get back their fans who are converting to other brands.oh and this IS my correct E-MAIL address sorry about the incorrect one.

  • Dr T610

To James:

People who like SonyEricsson phones have a UNIQUE taste in life.

  • michael

I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

when will there be more info available?

  • Anonymous

this phone will surely scuk just like the p800 especially the battery which only lasts 2 days under normal use. check out the p900 review at

  • S4mSuNgM4n1aCk

to: Mishka
if u are looking for the features of the phone u should choose p900, but if u are looking for sleek and cool design without worring much about the touch screen and pda features, u should choose sx1.

  • Mishka

Guys what do you think is this better than Siemens Sx1?

  • DMX

Person below..

7700?.. I doubt that would be a better phone than the P900....

It looks more like an alarm clock to me than a phone..

  • S4mSuNgM4n1aCk

to: Boom
Right now i dont think any phones that is smaller than p900.U can consider nokia 7700, it has lots features too but its not out on the market yet.MAybe u should just wait for a few months, coz there are a few of new phones coming out that has the same features.As for the price of p900(US$800) just wait it will definitely drop.I am positive about it.Hehehehehe be patient.

  • BOOM


if you can find a phone smaller than the P900 and with the same features of the P900, tell me so i can consider it too in my list... because the only one that can match the features of P900 at the moment is the PDA phone of i-Mate or the xda2 and these babbies are bricks and these are legitimate PPC... well there are also the Motorola A920 and the Benq P30, but both of these are not yet released and they are also huge bricks

  • S4mSuNgM4n1aCk

Hi guys, dont u think that sony ericsson designers has ran out of ideas.COz, this phone is similar to the old phone that we used by ericsson.i think that with today tech, cellphone should be smaller, not becoming bigger.although it has lots of new function, i dont think its worth the money.

  • Harianto

Good.... good

  • Fadi

It's a peice of art everything is there
it's not just a phone its the real essence of a pda

  • James Jackson


Hi 14year old kid, I always had Ericsson's and then when it became Sony Ericsson I always Buy thier Phones as everyone has Nokia's like u said on GSM I find SE have more features and are generally cheaper in Price also.
Ive currently got the T610 and the P800 and they rule and kick Nokias Little Ass! LOL

James 18

  • Essa Saleh AL-Romaih

Look sony ericsson one of best phones in the market blieve me, it is ok, please now how can i purchase this phone if released. any ideas.
My opinion about

  • Ike

I have been using the P800 for months now. The overview I read on leads me to believe that there is a lot of improvement on the P900. I cannot wait to get my hands on this baby! Bravo SE..

  • A P800 owner

The P900 - They say 'An intense phone experience'. Let us be the judge of it. Sonyericsson release the phone already!!!!

  • me

can anybody gift me this phone