Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700

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  • soap

so wat is copy this is just wat u think! so wat who care!u don know anytin anyway ! anyway this is more better than v80 ! so u can go buy tat if u think this s700 not good as v80 ! SE did nt go against the law or anithin if u are nt happi juz ask motorola 2 sue them.. if u can! haha~ nOobie (_I_)

  • kin Lu (Korea)

"Ths phone is a hell of a copy cat"

Cant you japanese design a phone on your own!!! other than imitating and copying from Motorola V80!! and V890!!! hey try something new Japs!!

My rating -

design - 1 point becuase I cant give "0" 1 point for the abilty of copying!!

peerfomance - 9points

features - 9points

  • Gehan sux

To Gehan,
Shut up Gehan, you know nothing about mobile phones!!

  • honglan

then which phone i should get?? N7610,N6670 or S700???

  • anyone know ^.^

someone said tat it has a scratchless screen... is it true?

  • Gehan

The Extreme Japanese "COPY CAT Design" version!!!

This is Orginally copied from Motorola v80!!!
This may have more features than Moto V80!!!
But why do you Japanses and Koreans Copy designs from American Moto!! The Swivel model is a unique design of Motorola!!!
"Motorola-SonyE S 700"

I challenge you Japanese People! Design a phone with a unque design on your own without imitating Motorola!!! YOu cant!!! You never ever can!!!

There is a new design the Motorola MPX300 it is also a unique design of Motorola!! It has 2way flipping!!!! Landscape and potrait!! So Hello Japanans Korean Samsung When are you going to COPY that one!!! HEy you Copy Cats!!!

  • aa

Se 700i only accepts memory stick duo only up to 128 mb, NOT the Mem. stick PRO duo. Its a bit small but if you compressed your Mp3's bit more, then you can put more songs. S700 i is not a symbian. To Pete, you can base your decision in what you always do, do you always have to view a document like what you've just mention, if you do then go for nokia, SE is powerful tool is its awesome 1.3 Camera and its classy look, awesome display, the best in appearance as of date, so if you're in taking pics then go for SE 700i.

  • Easier to burn

Yeah its true the memory sticks the phone uses only go up to 128.

  • Hakim

hi all
well i just bought s700 n the memory on board is not enough for me as i love 2 listen mp3s
so i wanted to buy memory but it has only 128mb,but i want 256 or more n i heard tht 128 is maximum, is tht true ?thnx

  • Anonymous

This is not a symbian phone

  • Mike

Anyone wanting to buy this phone o2 have some great deals on, 79.00 pounds with 600 xnet minutes + 50 txts for jus 45 a mth

  • Easier to burn

In response to Peter, if you use the camera when the phones on silent it doesnt make the shutter noise its the same on the k700i

  • josh

is s700i a symbian series 60 phone?

  • O

To skater42, or anyone else who knows the answer :-)

This question is about the memory card the S700 is using. According to the paper work it takes Memory Stick Duo.
Now my question is; will a Memory Stick PRO Duo work.
I'm wondering because Memory Stick PRO Duo are bigger. The largest Memory Stick Duo i've found is only 128MB.
Thanks all. O

  • Pete

right im trying my best to decide whether to get the sony ericsson s700i or the nokia 6670, the nokia seems to have far better features but is lacking when it comes to the camera e.g the flash and effects, does anybody know if the s700i can view word, powerpoint, and pdf documents like the 6670, and if people could give me their opinion on which i should go for?

  • peter

Good phone, but I think I am going to give it back and buy a nokia : the terrible shutter sound really prevents from using the camera in too many situations (church, museum, university, etc.)

  • Dan

can you record sounds on the s700 and s710? e.g. recording phone calls


this is nice phone. it touches my heart, plz send me it price. i love this phone. thnks

  • azrien

im planning to change my k700i to s700i. File transfers for the k700 is slow like a mofo. Hows it for the s700?

  • fendy76

to adrian..

don't put under general silent mode but go to tingtone volume and set to 0 and you be able to take pictures without shutter sound.