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THANKS to the lovely guys here... i was thinking of buying this phone but i guess after reading ure comments i've changed my mind to a better one.

  • sunny

I bought the phone and it had lot of problem like hanging, out of memory etc... it damaged the image of sony ericsion we can hope now ericsion is seprated so SONY will not launch such a Bad quality phone.

  • Ram

List of problems I personelly faced
1) Automatically Switches off.
2) Out of Memory issue.
3) Call gets disconnected.
4) Screen goes blank.
5) Very Slow.
6) Unable to view any videos.
7) Automatically Hangs.
8) Needs to update software EVERY MONTH from service center.
9) At the end in 6 months it will be scrap.

  • Ram

This phone has problems which no other phone has and you cant expect those problems, most importantly no one can fix....
so please be aware, if you purchase this phone that means you kept your valuable money in gutter

  • Vishal Shetty

DSL2012, 19 Sep 2012Spiro is good if you are a music lover, else average phone...slo... morehangs a lot and then gets dead...mine is dead for since 1 year..the phone is in good condition but doesnot start and no one has the clue why its not starting..some say may be the motherboard is dead.

  • Vishal Shetty

I could use this phone for only 13 months..after that the screen had gone blank automatically...gone to service center..they took 270rs and told that phone is dead and cant be repaired..i asked whats the reason.. he told dont know may be manufacturing the phone is dead with good looks as not in warranty i could do anything..And when mailed the sony people they told that warranty is over nothing can be done...such is this shameless company...

  • shesaint

I have had my Spiro for 18 months. Shortly after getting it I couldn't receive or send any texts. I had to get a link from the company to upload a programme (no cables were with the phone when purchased so I had to buy these first)I lost ALL phone nos when doing this. For the last few months after sending/receiving a few texts the phone says it is "out of memory". I have to remove the battery and then wait for 10 mins before it is usable, and then repeat this action after every few texts. Initially I was pleased with the phone, but not now. I have other phone for years with no problems.

  • dash

what better sony mix walkman or this sony spiro?

  • coolguy

a really bad phone from sony. Complete waste of money. Poor features except for music. Frame rate while watching videos is very slow. Does not support 3d games and you-tube. Glad i sold it.

  • S.E. Let us down

Awful 'phone! If you want to send a text turn it off and back on again else you will just get a message saying Out Of Memory - even when there is plenty of memory. Oh, and it will take more than 5 minutes to reboot.
SE have conned anyone that bought this phone and should be taken to court. Unfortunately I haven't got that sort of money!

  • hater

what do the company have to say for itself.....millions have gone into waste....loved Sony Ericsson but after i bought this phone i rate sonyericsson products to 0.1%....

  • Anonymous

this is a stupid, it hang on the first day good..........its been complains ever since...
pls don purchase it

  • shankar vijay

i, 05 Sep 2012music is not much good if you compare to W800I.thn y u buy w100i

  • hasa

itx a nice 4n,but it features is nt good,i took my 4n in 2001 aug 09,but now i put a ribbon in 4times between that period,then its waste my time and money,

  • Anonymous

This is a vey bad phone ever I see. Its start to hang from first day of purchase. I had updated software more than 10 times but no change in problem. this phone has changed my opinion about sony.

  • Avinash

this phone is so worst. please gys dont buy this phone ever.... infact ignore to buy sony erecsion's phone... this company is cheater... i bought spiro and xperia both... both phone 6 months i run 6 times to service center.... but the problem is still present.. this phone is badly hanging, automaticaly switch off,and much more problems.

  • nic

jim, 08 Sep 2012this phone is good to me because it satisfied me it has crystal ... moredownload se theme creator on your pc. then change the phone profile to Z750. THEN YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN themes for your spiro. but no theme for music player.

  • Anonymous

worst mobile ever seen,2 month ago itself turned off nd its software ws gone nw its sound is gone .this phone has made me criticiser of sony

  • Anonymous

my friend has sony ericson w100i She buoght it six months ago. now she can not turn on it It says out of memory She put it to charge the battery it is same. what she must do?`and when i transfer clips and photos from other phone, it accept that but she can not watch that clips on that phone. it says "out of memory". what must to do. please answer me help me heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep me thank you

  • sajeeb from banglade

AnonD-8686, 09 Jun 2011im using spiro nd its amazing and undefeated in music quality.. ... moreWhat is your current firmware version????????Please tell me. I'll be grateful to you. Please help me. May i couldn't find your opinion here. Please send me a e mail. Please. Help me. I've been confused reading these negative opinions. Please please please please please please please please please