Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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  • sajeeb from Banglade

AnonD-46049, 12 Mar 2012Hi guys do you have any prob with dis phone??dont worry i will h... moreFriend, please help me. I want to buy this phone. I like it's model. I want to buy this phone for talking, keeping more contacts, messaging, short web browsing through opera mini, chat through nimbuzz and SPECIALLY FOR MUSIC. I also like to view 3gp full movies. What should i do? Please please please help. For god sake . Sorry for bad english.

  • EmoElmo

random restart more than 5 times after use it for a week!

it really can't handle fast input or else it will freeze and restart...this phones suitable for voice call,texting and as a music player ONLY!

  • pero

akbar, 20 Sep 2012how to watch videos in sony ericssion w100i useing through inter... more& it cant read mms eihther.

  • akbar

how to watch videos in sony ericssion w100i useing through internet to watch online or download

  • DSL2012

Spiro is good if you are a music lover, else average phone...slow & restarts automatically. Hangs a lot

  • Chris

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2012I have w100 it is very good phoneMy phone takes time to start up and its slow. Pliz help

  • Anonymous

I have w100 it is very good phone

  • nazmul

my frnd have a w100i spiro he want to chang this with my nokia 6300.any one help me about of this matter plz.....

  • Anonymous

Aquastorm, 04 Sep 2012Does anyone know what is happening, my 11 year old son has this ... moreMost probably the problem is associated with sorting of his messages. Please make sure the sorting order is set according to date of arrival and the most recent is set to appear at the first.

  • jim

this phone is good to me because it satisfied me it has crystal clear sound has a long life battery but it has a little problem i encountered in this phone i can't install new theme in this phone all theme i install it's say's "incompatible".
i think your phones has long life spand if you take care of it.

  • i

NIC, 29 Aug 2012A good phone in music,crystal clear; design and soft keypad. but... moremusic is not much good if you compare to W800I.

  • Aquastorm

Does anyone know what is happening, my 11 year old son has this phone, and every time he receives message you are unable to find it. When he receives a message it sets off the ringtone and it appears on the home screen. When you click on it to view it, you are directed to the inbox, but there is no message. Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

  • Adarsh

now my spiro cell is not working,it cant update software and no other problem bt it just dont swtchon,how can i re use it?

  • keith

i buy this sony spiro in nov 5 2011, but not good always hang and out of memory

  • nic

this phone has small problems.. understanding users will make this phone stay longer.. soft key pod,crystal clear sound, long battery life, . don't use slide if not needed.

  • deepak

vry bad n slow ph

  • Vakashy

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2012The phone is ok.Hhaha best answer in history of GSMarena :D :D :D

  • Anonymous

The phone is ok.

  • NIC

A good phone in music,crystal clear; design and soft keypad. but the problems on this phone is always logging,slow, not good video player. mp4, high quality 3gp not compatible. only 240x320 images can read.. exceeding to this.. are corrupted or incompatible. always automatic shutdown. but, this is the best phone i have now cuz, has good quality of music player. good for all music lover. good for techno music..

  • Anonymous

Pretty nice phone. I dropped it in water but it worked good like always, i didnt even have to like take it apart or anything. But i still cleaned it just incase.