Sony Ericsson T280

Sony Ericsson T280

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  • gonzo

sorry, there is no way giving each caller a specific ringtone with this phone.

  • Meezo

how can i make a spicial tone for someone on this mob.
i have a problem that all my contacts ring the same tone.

  • Joji

Games anyone? I'm planning to buy this very soon.

  • kc

decp, 21 Aug 2008hey guys, a have a question if anybody could assist. i am using ... morei recently got this phone, just wondering if we dont have any options to upgrade its memory since it does not have a card slot. the phone as a whole is very cool except the memory. just wondering if we can upgrade the memory?

  • decp

hey guys, a have a question if anybody could assist. i am using this model for a couple of days, everything seems to be working fine, the only 'glitch' that i have found is when an sms is send i get a sound while the message is send, is there any way to turn this off? its a bit irritating.
thank u in advance.

  • Anonymous

Just used friend,s phone and really impressed with its look very solid and display looks better for low end phone.well done SE

  • @win

Does anyone know whether this phone has the option to record conversations?

  • Lhen

Well, I think SE intentionally made this phone to be simple and cheap for those people who doesn't like a lot of stuff on their phones and doesn't have a lot of money to spend on a cellphone. I think it looks good although I do think that the 10mb phone memory sucks but at least it's better than most Motorola phones who only has 500kb of phone memory.

  • anu

This is an anti-social phone coz the phonebook capacity is only 300. Lol.

  • Hakeem

I own a nokia 2630 for some time now. then decided to buy this phone as a spare. I like the feel, very solid and the cam has very good quality, considering that it's just a basic phone. Battery life 10/10. I can also play my favorite java games.

  • sanju

did sonyericson,s desiner take ghhosh from nokia,moto&samsung

  • Alex


no memory slot? hmmm...that's too bad.. u should know that this is a cheap phone, so if u want a phone with a mem stick slot, buy a k850i or a P1i.

  • PBERT94

there is no memory stick container i mean wat the heaven!!

  • Anonymous

When compared to a Nokia in the similar price range, Sony Ericsson has lot more features ( Call duration disply, Default dial mobile number frm phone book, More memory, longer battery life, quick charging, comes with data cable and software ). I have used 2 nokia phones, 2 sony phones, and also siemens and huawei 3G. My next buy will be definitely a Sony. I am fedup with this Nokia 3110c, which cost LKR 15000, but doesn't have at least a basic feature a LKR 7500 SE or Siemens phone has..!!

  • :-(

Can the most of you please stop comparing this phone with expensive models?
For the money it's a great phone with a beautiful design.

  • Denis

This phone is made for kids and it's very good only for very young customers. T280 have very bad features but it is better in all ways than N2630. Don't compare this two models. In Croatia T280 costs only 55€ without contract.

  • Andy

Verry good phone , the design resembles the T650 model , the quality of the body is good , and verry cheap , if you buy it with an 2 years service plan (in some cases free/30 cents + bonuses)

  • laur

a very good telephone, its jus 50 cents in romania at cosmote with a 2 years season ticket.

  • Zenek

In Poland only 299 PLN = 141 USD = 90 EUR = 71,2 GBP,,,

  • mary

totally agree, nokia has the same look with their previous models. u cant expect for something classy like SE phones. and they extend for years compared to nokia phones. i totally like the way it looks and its so cool.i dont need extras. i have my ipod, laptop for internet. its a cellphone i need. low-end yet looks so pretty.