Sony Ericsson T290

Sony Ericsson T290

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  • Adhigunawan
  • Kie
  • 09 May 2012

I have been using T290i since 2005 to replace my broken Siemens S35i. It was my first mobilephone before I bought T105 and T630. Today it is still running very well (I lost my T105 and T630-broken and could not be repaired). I love its text message capabilities, which I do not find in my W660i, W880i and K630i (my W880i and K630i are stored for back up in emergency). I only used Sony Ericsson mobilephone and I used it since Siemens stopped producing new mobilephone.

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    • MyName is KHAN
    • vGM
    • 05 Feb 2012

    This is Excelent mobile long battery backup .and strong case , V-rally Game very nice, campare to those days it is best at that time

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      • anjo m.
      • 9FJ
      • 02 Jan 2012

      my first phone with a colored display! My big bro bought me this. But as good as i remember mine was T290i...this one is T290. This was my first phone to have a GPRS connection and it introduced me to mobile internet. Though it was not that great, it was really nice! My bro and i exchanged phones after a year - his was nokia 7260. That also became my first camera phone.

        • W
        • Wisher
        • Pxp
        • 01 Jan 2012

        This is my first mobile . i bought him 2005 realy this set was so nice.

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          • Umar
          • uRA
          • 24 Jul 2011

          Very good and strong set. I bought it in may 2005 and it is still in working condition.

            • s
            • sana
            • U3x
            • 02 Feb 2011

            `this was my first phone..

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              • SunShine
              • utu
              • 29 Dec 2010

              My first phone. Bought on aug 2005. I used it hum... till 2008.. really superb! phone. I deleted its games to store recorded MP3 muiscs :D
              And always use those MP3 as my ringtone...

              I really miss this fone!

              If anybody has it in working condition pl mail me I wana buy it again even when I have N95 :)


                • m
                • marian
                • 3ch
                • 11 Nov 2010

                My first phone :X i bought him in 31-08-2005

                  • S
                  • SunShine
                  • utu
                  • 08 Aug 2010

                  Really Really Awesome phone. I survived more then 2 yrs with this set, I bought this mobile Sept.2005, I dropped it 4m my hand about 27 times, And its last day I cry like a baby, bcz This was My first Phone!

                    • b
                    • black pearl
                    • utJ
                    • 01 Aug 2010

                    Friends I need your help......
                    My phone has stopped working after I connected it to internet......
                    Technicians say its a software problem which cannot repaired as the phone is outdated now......
                    Please suggest something......

                      • n
                      • nitin
                      • utB
                      • 20 Apr 2010

                      naveenkumar, 04 Dec 2009how to activate the gprs and how to send the pics to my mob... moreplease buy new one it is outdated tech would not be supported on yr network..

                        • C
                        • Chethan
                        • PSL
                        • 04 Apr 2010

                        Anonymous, 22 Sep 2009try going to the sony ericsson website and go to support. T... morebloody hell i just hate this set it won't work properly. set is slow & internal memory is so less so that i can't seve more than 20 mess i just Hate......

                          • J
                          • Jonas
                          • mvk
                          • 06 Feb 2010

                          This phone is real good i dropped it many times and one time i find it in the washingmachine it still working:D

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                            • naveen
                            • TSL
                            • 04 Dec 2009

                            naveenkumar, 04 Dec 2009how to activate the gprs and how to send the pics to my mob... moreabout Sony Ericsson T290
                            full details about how to activate the gprs and download the pics

                              • n
                              • naveenkumar
                              • TSL
                              • 04 Dec 2009

                              how to activate the gprs and how to send the pics to my mobile and wap connection full details about the mobile t290i.

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                                • Jithu
                                • utV
                                • 29 Nov 2009

                                Hi put it in water, through wat evr u still yowz back...really gud for RuF use..

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                                  • Thilanka
                                  • 0Cp
                                  • 13 Nov 2009

                                  Hey Guys....I am using this mobile now more than 4 years without any issue.I love it so much.

                                    • f
                                    • francis
                                    • N7I
                                    • 29 Oct 2009


                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • QI%
                                      • 22 Sep 2009

                                      try going to the sony ericsson website and go to support. They might have some answer to your current dilemma.

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • uCw
                                        • 18 Aug 2009

                                        is it compatible with RS-232?I need sony ericson model T-100,T-230 for my project...if this models are not available pls suggest me another model that is compatible with RS-232 communication port and AT command compatible pls rply ..