Sony Ericsson T290

Sony Ericsson T290

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  • haya
  • wrn
  • 31 Jul 2009

Murali, 21 Jul 2006i want to open the GPRS connection in Sony erricson model T290igprs cart simpati

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    • jane
    • P@c
    • 20 Jul 2009

    im jane, from ormoc my phone sony ericsson t290i i cant send sms... always failed...and it will appeared network problem....i need someone to fix this problem what to do ??...and also connection wap me...pls....thankss

      • j
      • jane
      • P@c
      • 20 Jul 2009

      im jane, from ormoc my phone sony ericsson t290i i cant send sms... always failed...and it will appeared network problem....i need someone to fix this problem what to do ??...and also connection wap me...pls....thankss

        • A
        • Albert Kamanga
        • fsW
        • 19 Feb 2009

        Am failing to use my ring tone since i cant see any in my phone and it is saying that i sould down load them but it always says that error and telling me to connect to my WAp, what should i do?

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          • mane
          • vwi
          • 04 Feb 2009

          driver for connect w, 11 Apr 2008please send driver& softwarepl.send modam

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            • Phoenix8
            • P@c
            • 03 Feb 2009

            I want to get my GPRS settings or to receive MMS and connect e-mail,what should i do?

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              • gaurav mane
              • Pxq
              • 10 Jan 2009

              is it compatible with RS-232?I need sony ericson model T-100,T-230 for my project...if this models are not available pls suggest me another model that is compatible with RS-232 communication port..pls rply ..
              mobile no-9923052276

                • l
                • lester
                • vxk
                • 05 Jan 2009

                my phone was muted
                how to unmute?

                  • d
                  • dyosa
                  • v0X
                  • 26 Dec 2008

                  why my phone gets hang?

                  i cant send mssgs directly, its save in unsent.

                  help me what`s the problem on my phone its t290i


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                    • bassdorius
                    • 0x6
                    • 04 Dec 2008

                    I bought it in mid 2005 and still use it as my second phone - it works and works and works without any problem. Just recently had to change the original battery. I love the looks but hate when it comes to writing messages, the keys have such a slow response. Cool phone, though.

                      • S
                      • SONY_ERIC_FAN
                      • wce
                      • 21 Aug 2008

                      T290 was 1 of the best color screen fon in 2004 & 2005. Because of its sleek design, colour screen, polyphonic tone, good preloaded games, it stayed in the market for quite some time. Later models like J200/J210,took its place. J2xx wins this cute model bcos it has built-in infrared wich is a good connectivity feature. J2xx series was also made with good & sharper screen than T290.

                        • o
                        • oliver
                        • w0Q
                        • 05 Jun 2008

                        it has cool features but darn! you have to bring gazillions of extra batteries.

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                          • Joe
                          • QsN
                          • 02 Jun 2008

                          I have had my SE T290a for over a year. Previously I owned a T237. If you are having problems with the battery, buy more. I have 4 batteries for this phone. I use the T237 as a charger. Recently I bought the HPB20 headset for habdsfree use. That was a great idea. I just use my phone to receive and make calls. Great phone! If you buy a battery PLEASE make sure it is the Sony Ericsson OEM battery. I am reading that non-OEM batteries may explode.

                            • J
                            • James
                            • PNq
                            • 23 Apr 2008

                            This phone has a terrible battery life. It's fine if you never make or receive any calls whatsoever. When I use it however, it will indicate I have a nearly full battery, yet turn itself off after 10 minutes of talk time.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • PEB
                              • 22 Apr 2008

                              this is awesome. i made the right decision of buying this one. it never lets you down.. though it is cheap yet it has a remarkable features...

                                • d
                                • driver for connect w
                                • PAZ
                                • 11 Apr 2008

                                please send driver& software

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • LIU
                                  • 06 Apr 2008

                                  This phone is awesome.

                                  I've been using it for the last 2 years and all I can say is that I'm happy with the overall performance of a cheap mobile.

                                  I even was sourprised sometimes, T290 have some features that I didn't expected to find on such a low-priced device.

                                  From the start the navigation is good, maybe you'll find a little bit of lag on menus with big content, but the responsiveness really acceptable, and this lag, it's caused by the screen resolution and display.
                                  The overall is a friendly user and good looking interface.

                                  The visual experience when using the device is excelent, stands for bright and clear colors, with in addition to the interface customization of the device gives a really good impression.

                                  The phone customization is excelent, except for the SMS sound (wich can set as beep, vibration or sound), you can add custom sound and image to every single feature of the phone. It also accepts wav,mp3,midi audio formats (those are the ones I remember now, there may be more)
                                  and png, jpeg, bmp and Gif image formats.

                                  The adition of a USB connection makes the customization process a lot easier.

                                  The Internet features of the device (wich is it's bigger pro) are nothing but exceptional, it can do most of things that 3 generation cell phones can do.
                                  You can read E-mails, send them, log to MSN messenger, Download, Visit WAP sites, Download applications and much more.

                                  It also has awesome messaging features, just as long sms, mms, the possibility to attach files to messages, and the input of smilies and other characters.
                                  You can also receive them.

                                  The Sound quality and volume is far more than acceptable for such a low-price device, sounds loud and clear. The master volume is great.
                                  And you can also record audio and use it as ringtones.

                                  As for the games,you have a nice screen and hardware, you can play really good looking games on this.

                                  The only weak, but still acceptable aspect of this device is that for all things mentioned before, it has a big battery consumption time, you'll find yourself re-charging it oftenly.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 49W
                                    • 01 Apr 2008


                                    I will be in Greece this summer and i just purchased this phone through ebay. Does anyone know if i use a greek sim card if i will be able to set the language to Greek??

                                      • J
                                      • Jhun
                                      • j2C
                                      • 10 Feb 2008

                                      T290?, w/out blutooth,infrared..

                                        • z
                                        • zizo
                                        • fvE
                                        • 04 Feb 2008

                                        it's a very good mobile, software is very easy and not too slow-as it nkown about it,it's battery very reliable unless you buy a cheap one for it, and it's speakers are awesome, the best thing of it is that you can download for it amr tones from the wap which looks like mp3!