Sony Ericsson T290

Sony Ericsson T290

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  • Anonymous
  • P4n
  • 26 Dec 2007

i've been using my t290 for almost 4 years and i'm loving it! it's very easy to use, you can personalize many things on the phone and the baterry last for about 5 days!

the bad thing about this cellphone is it's speed, it has a slow response, you can be pretty pissed off if you are in a hurry.

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    • suresh
    • ucI
    • 05 Dec 2007

    i have been using t290i since two is a nice little phone with some useful services, but its defect is it has slow response and some websites cannot be opened.the main advantage is i has easy access and functions.....

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      • Anonymous
      • U2C
      • 22 Nov 2007

      this was my first phone and i loved it.

      i actually still have it in my desk drawer. Its compact design is very handy and i love its white style, but going on the internet is very dull and confusing.

      The reason why i bought now from Nokia is that the sound quality gets quite shocking, especially from the recieving end of a phone conversation.

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        • Anonymous
        • w0Q
        • 23 Oct 2007

        Having a hardtime creating WAP profile. Cannot download ringtones.

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          • Jezza
          • wgK
          • 16 Sep 2007

          phone looks nice but I CANT HEAR MY PHONE RING or my erricson i owned volume no chance if you use a phone casing creaks when phone squeezed lightly
          feels cheap screams, extremely unreliable reception phone unusable drops out every call cant hear other people, battery lasts only 2 days max one short phone call watch the battery go down. cant change ring tones no bluetooth/infared and not worth buying a usb cable...if avail not worth price and postage.Buttons way to small hard to text imposible to play games on it.Sony accessories more dificult to find. most ringtones off tv are only sounds are booring.THIS PHONE IS FRUSTRATING TO USE AND HAS TOO SIT ON THE CHARGER BUT YOU WONT GET RECEPTION INSIDE if you buy this phone you will piss off your friends cause they can never get you.

            • F
            • Faraz
            • jtV
            • 16 Sep 2007

            I am C-R-O in telenor.I used this handset. Now i ve lost that set that set is very marvellous and so nice.

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              • Anonymous
              • PFI
              • 14 Sep 2007

              it is good handset in low price but problem is in its battery.

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                • let2
                • UD$
                • 09 Sep 2007

                i've wasted so much load just to have an access to GPRS & MMS but still it dos'nt work!!!!!!!!............. pls help me how to do it

                  • k
                  • krishna
                  • R5e
                  • 25 Aug 2007

                  I hv ths cell frm last 3 yrs bt i face problem! It is difficult to attend call as very low sound comes out of it!

                    • M
                    • M.Daud
                    • PFI
                    • 06 Aug 2007

                    My T290i is making its 2nd birthday, its quite reliable and good. it provides many functions in a low price mobile. But the main problem i got is its battery.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • ibb
                      • 05 Aug 2007

                      its a small phone,if u decorate it wit ur personel touches lik two stick-on flowers it looks very very very cute n adorable.but then is just quite boring inside,hehe.but never mind,i can sms with you.

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                        • Mickeyz
                        • mAK
                        • 29 Jul 2007

                        Very reliable, this little phone.
                        I use it now mainly as a back up phone, cause I bought a K800i.

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                          • thilanka
                          • PV$
                          • 07 Jun 2007

                          i'm using my T290i more than two years & still it didnt give me any trouble. if you looking for a budget mobile i recommend this to you.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 2@6
                            • 03 Jun 2007

                            this phone is great...

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                              • mukut
                              • 2SV
                              • 16 May 2007

                              There is starting problem in my T290 phone. Its automatically shuts down after starting. What is the solution. Let me know.

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                                • danny
                                • yut
                                • 02 May 2007

                                i love the phone features but the seem to be 1 problem with it, once u have it u can never change the cover. why is this so?

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                                  • the man
                                  • P5p
                                  • 16 Apr 2007

                                  i want to tell that this phone does not have infrare or bluetooth so it is very difficult for me

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 2@j
                                    • 16 Apr 2007

                                    Dear Sir/ madam, I am using Sony Erricson Mobile Model T-290i. My mobile is already enabled for MMS but I am not able to use the GPRS facilities as well. I want to use the yahoo mobile services like yahoo messenger and yahoo mails onto my mobile.I am from Phillipines and the connection provider there for me is SMART.
                                    I request you to send me the GPRS connection settings according to my phone connection location and use of yahoo services.

                                      • C
                                      • Creative
                                      • nD8
                                      • 09 Apr 2007

                                      Hello.I found a T290i in the forrest, whit a card in it.I didn't found wather in it, but the battery is empty.Is there a hope of working?

                                        • y
                                        • yannis
                                        • nmL
                                        • 04 Apr 2007

                                        guys, i've been using the t290i for two's just a very good simple phone...without any luxuries...two years with no problems...i've changed 15 cell phones,since i bought my first phone and this is the only that hasn't appeared any no no one more problems! thanks...