Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

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try to read the news again man.its a mid-end phone! not a low-end phone that you keep on insisting!


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some people say its only 8mb to make it more affordable

some people say its a low-end fone due to lack of memory card slot and small fone memory

i agree. 8mb is really small nowadays and people will really react on that.people will be saving money to avail a fone with a nice memory capacity so S.E. pls realize that.even if its affordable if they see that it only has 8mb,there will be a lesser chance that they will but it.

the absence of memory card slot in a 8mb fone is ridiculous.this fone along with Sony Ericsson R306 Radio,T270,T280,R300 should be reproduce with a memory card slot or if not, a higher memory not lesser than 64mb

  • Anonymous

omg, what the hell is this piece of junk??
i know its the first slider phone for the T series but look at the features! why would any cell phone company still makes 1.3MP camera's!?!? so poor.. dont like this phone, completely garbage, so throw it away Sony. SE announced the great 2008 phones like the G700, G900, C702, C902, and now this??.. does se want to start losing against Nokia right now??

  • Anonymous

What the hell is this ? this is bad , SE Stinks big tyme !

  • Anonymous

I've read this is a mid-end phone. Not Low-end.

  • Anonymous

Why the 8 mb memory? It should have been a good phone...

  • nagaty

its really bad!!! wake up sony eicsson wuts that!!!

  • Anonymous

it's cool but theres should have been 64mb internal memory... 4 a basic satisfactiry phone

  • .::Next_Level::.

Is it so hard to understand that its a LOW-END phone ???


Its for people who want to make calls and send SMS and nothing more !

When SE release's the first High-End U500 Platform based phones.... then come back and post the sh!t you keep posting for all current SE phones...

  • mEed

looks hot!

  • kenzo

dam its 2008 already and sony ericsson is still making a stoopid low end phone like this, they suck big time, i go with apple

  • chico

hey what dont you get in the word low end. stop making dumb comments about 5 megapixel camera its a low end phone at a low price.

  • gony

what the hell is this .. in what age is sonyericsson is living dome on wake up its the area of wifi 5mpix camera 30fps video ... phuujjj

  • .::Next_Level::.

I guess the price will be around 120 Euros ...

  • andy burgin

This phone should have been released earlier than it is as Nokia an Samsung have released to mobiles that will out sell this mobile the 5300 an D500 or D600 so Sony Ericsson will have to release this mobile as a very cheap price to be a good seller or a waste of time

  • nadeem

its a good low end phone but the only thing missing is a card slot.
other features are good it looks good for low end phone.
they will soon come up with a little higher model with card slot..

  • chico

u know i really laugh at people who say this phone is lame, what dont you get, its a low end phone, not high end, what to you expect a 5 mega pixel camera on it? grow up haters

  • The Administrator

This phone is a low ender (hence the first # is 3 in the model number). Evidently, features are pretty low if it's catered for the low-end market. This phone remmeber is supposed to be only positioned on par/a little above the last T series annoucement, the T270 and T280.

For a budget phone, this is pretty good as it has the looks/materials (reflective display with metail accents) and it seems to use a stripped down version of A200 platform (platform used by mid-high end phones now).

  • kibiroid

if it gonna cost like Motorola F3 that's gonna be a bomb! :)

  • Anonymous

I wished Sony Ericsson never created this phone and it just ruining the image of Sony Ericsson!