Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303

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  • Sweetiee

This new phone looks kind of is only 1.5mp

  • nicksti

The phone looks attractive but the features are lacking in the storage department.

I wonder how much a memory card slot, or even larger internal memory affects the cost of a phone. Give this phone 80MB internal memory and it becomes a more attractive phone.

  • hiren

pFjx i think ull finf its 8mb not gb

  • dawa isay

i think sony ericsson should fire the person behind this lame phone. why should i buy this phone??? no nothing this phone is purely call and txt phone.

  • Anonymous

Haha, the screen displays "03 May 2004" as date. And even back then, this would have been crap.


  • elie santos

i bought this phone from ukraine
nice but no 3g why ? i still prefer
the armanie cus am armenian

  • Anonymous

simple phone ever made by Sony Ericsson

  • Anonymous

your asking why it doesn't have a cardslot because it's internal memory is already 8GB and you can download all your MP3 music

  • SE Biggest Fan

Whats going on with the T Series Becoming bad

  • gka3000

s.e. did it again lol ... what a joke ... if its a value phone for everyone then they must at least put a card slot in the side lol ...

  • Anonymous

sad, doesn't have a card slot... hope they make a walkman version of this with a card slot.

  • Maxx 89ers

this is awful... 128x160 screen resolution ???

  • Anonymous

What's the point of having an mp3 player ,when the internal memory is only 8M ,
i.e 1 to 2 song only ?????

  • Anonymous

hmmm...cute...that's it

  • ramr

the first... blast from the past phone!