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Sony Ericsson W300

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  • Zilog Jones

Just got the black version of this phone for christmas, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's better than my old NEC N343i in nearly every way, and I don't miss the i-mode one bit!

- Camera is pretty good for what it is. Much better than my old phone (also VGA).

- Headphones are very similar to Sony MDR-EX71 in both appearance and sound quality - and these cost around €40-50! There's also a 3.5mm jack on the wired handsfree cable so you can plug in any standard headphones instead.

- Sound quality is pretty good, however there is significant noise when things are quiet. If the volume is quite low and there's a quiet part of a song, it can sound quite distorted. It's fine with the volume up 1/3 the way or higher though.

- I never had a clamshell before, and had doubts about getting one, but I am actually quite happy with it. The earpiece and mic are a lot closer to where they need to be so things are a lot clearer when making calls, and there's no keypad lock to worry about!

- The buttons aren't great for texting, and it's kinda weird having the top row (1,2,3) bigger than all the others.

- Battery is great, and the charger doesn't make annoying high-pitched noises like a lot of modern transformers (I couldn't sleep with the one from my NEC phone on!)

- Radio is great - I can pick up distant stations I can't get on any other radio with this! RDS AF (alternate frequency) is very useful when travelling.

- "Disc2Phone" software is next to useless. It tells me nothing about what it does to the music (if it's re-encoding or what), so I just don't bother with it and copy over music manually.

- It doesn't seem to have any way of sorting music tracks by their filename or by the tag's track number, which is kinda annoying when putting albums on it.

- Screen is pretty nice - even on the lowest brightness setting it's still quite bright. The external screen is OK.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. It's not perfect, but what is - especially at this price!

  • Sarge

it's cool phone ,i want that ,but just display is my problem ( small ), is that good & clear enough ??? please help me ...

  • Anonymous

I just bought my SE W300 and i absolutely love its sleek form and the sound clarity.
It costs a bit but it really is a good bargain !!
But dont buy it if you are looking to shoot pictures with ur phone

  • Anonymous

To pqCZ:

This phone also comes in black... the black W300 won't look as girly.

  • Anonymous

reat phone realy, only doin point is the camera... put the mp3 player on the and the headphones that come with it... loudest mp3 phones i've heard to date

  • Anonymous

It's trendy. Not girly. But perhaps for those who doubt their manliness.

  • CK

correct me if i am wrong but isnt this phone for girls i mean it looks 100% as a girl phone its really awesome but it doesnt look that manly so i want to know if it is a girl phone or not?

  • Anonymous

@ Steve H (again)

Also make sure the problem is not with your card. Did you get a sony ericsson M2 card?

  • Anonymous

@ Steve H

Make sure you're not doing anything wrongly. If that's the case, take your phone back and exchange it with a new one if you can. That's not normal.

  • Steve H.

We just got this phone, then got a 1GB MS Micro and we are having real problems with the memory. it is only transferring part of the files and in somne cased it is scrambling the songs and actually mixing them together - weird! Has anybody else had this problem or know what I should do?

  • Matthew

The w300i is a great phone- no joystick means no more constant cleaning and the display is bright and clear. The sound is better than an ipod and the camera is fine in daylight. Ignore the phones critics- 97%

  • xxx

ok i dont under stand is the camera 1.3mp or vga help please

  • W300i

Interopulated to 1.3mp

Ok guys help me out here... what exactly does that mean..??

  • Parham


Actually, the camera isn't that bad. I've been putting it to good use. Sure I could use some more resolution, but then phone cameras all have purple fringing and you can't get good quality with those small lenses anyway, so the debate over the camera kind of becomes useless -- that's unless they come up with new technology that wozld make that sort of lens useful.

I haven't exactly measured the time the walkman could go non-stop, but I listen to music a lot, and my battery's charge remains for about a week.

And btw, I went and took a close look at the z710, you were right about the size, although at first the w300 seems smaller. My bad.

  • jingboy

I totally agree with the cam quality when compared to w550i. W550i was my previous fone and the cam was awful. W300i has a gr8 VGA cam, looks stylish (shadow black with black earphones), got EDGE, 256mb Mem card, awesome ergonomics. Only disappointing thing was the small screen(128 X 160) and the display aint as crisp as W550 but again that accounts for the awesome battery life. Overall, W330i is a gr8 buy

  • haider

@ parham
u are right w300i has best sound quality over
but i have a problem that my w300i has a bit less mp3 playing time from speaker thats about 6-7 hours when completely charged
i have robbie williams edition that came with an extra fone cover
and in ear fones the fone plays about 20-25 hours music at maximum volume when fully charged
o0ver all the best walkman fone if u ignore the camera (i feel camera of w300i at extended mode has better pic than w550i)

  • Parham

Alright folks, after having used this phone for 3 months now, these are the observations I can make:

- This is a fantastic phone! There's nothing as good for this price. It has replaced my iPod, the sound is actually better than my iPod due to the earphones - it's just that it doesn't hold as many songs, even with the 1GB card.

- The call quality is excellent, nothing to say there.

- Entertainment-wise, it tops all the phones I've had so far.

- The camera is VGA, but it's not that bad. It does what it's supposed to do.

- The looks are great, though I could have done without the orange keypad at my age.

- The battery is fabulous. You charge it for 2 and 1/2 hours and it keeps on going for 5-7 days, no matter how you use it, or whether you use it in the cold or not.

- The only (and really the one and only) nag I've had with it is the fact that sometimes I can't see the letters on the keypad clearly in the dark. But then I need glasses.

- I would have liked to have tried A2DP on it, but the current earphones well do the job, plus bluetooth consumes a lot of battery power.

In short, you won't be able to find a better phone at this price. It's a great little marvel. And I'm not exagerating. My wife constantly now wants one too, and she has an LG Chocolate. If I had to consider another phone, I'd consider the z710, which has A2DP and a 2MP camera (with blue keypad!), but then I'm not sure about the quality of the sound on that one.


  • Parham

To Paige:

- For opening the back: Hold the phone with both hands, the back towards your face, and put both your thumbs on the center of the back of the phone. Now slide it easily with your thumbs. This is a technique the guy at the phone shop taught me. He had the same phone!

- The earphones plug in the cord that plugs in the bottom of the phone. It's in the manual as well.

  • Paige.

This is a great phone. I just have a few concerns;

- I cannot get the back of the phone off. It won't budge at all. Any tips to getting it off?

- Where do the earphones plug in? I can't find the pluggy in thing anywhere.

Help, please!

  • Pat

First the answer to the guy who asked if it played WMVs, yes it does.
Now, I'm very happy with this phone. I work developing mobile content, and I needed a phone that supported lots of formats and the w300i delivers.
Sure, the camera is VGA, it doesn't bother me, when I want to take pictures I carry a proper camera...
Only complaint is that it doesn't seem too sturdy, it makes me feel if I drop it it surely breaks.
Other than that, it's a good phone. Music sounds OK through the earphones, reception is good, has bluetooth, IR, EDGE. For the money it's a winner.