Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Andy

Rajesh , 27 Jul 2011This Phone was good by as the time passes by, the handset is get... moreClear the phone cache (web browsing) by going into web browser (say google), select options, advanced, right key (to other), then clear cookies, cache. Also delete any email inbox, and also too many drafts in sms/email. Also dont store too many photos/music on internal memory. All these slow down the phone and then lead to hangups. Pushing down volume should give you phone memory (mine is 10meg at the moment), and your my sd card space (mine is around 1.5meg). If phone memory is less than 500k it will slow down, the higher, the better (my 10meg is good!). Also, sometimes my internet hangs up (world icon stays) and that requires a phone reboot (to access net). Basic phone, but does the job ok. Ive had mine two years. Some smart phones lag/hang a LOT WORSE!!

  • me

sony ericsson has the worst technical support in the world... i had to send in my phone 4 times for repair in a year and now that's it's out of warranty and has the same problem again they want to charge me full price for the repair... thought they were better than this!

  • Melanie

Can I use the phone in the US using my smart roaming?

  • Rajesh

This Phone was good by as the time passes by, the handset is getting hang while using. I want to why this problem occurs, and kindly provide me solution for the same, like do it need to update any software

  • john cena

which is excellent/ good one- w595 or zylo. please opine... Thank you.

  • john cena

jenny, 16 Jan 2011which phone should i buy? w595 or zylo.. i need helpgo for w595, anytime , good walkman music and camera, but ony handle with care...

  • funnyman

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2011my w595 cant save internate what can i dome to can not save the internet settings. can any1 help

  • 107

about the charge problem i facesd it too last year when its complete a year since i have it, they formate it 4 me

  • Anonymous

my w595 cant save internate what can i do

  • pemba

i have using thing this phone since one year..this days it shows proble lik when i charge my cellphone after 30min it show warning:stop charging and stop using ur shown phone serious problem this type of notation is shown how can i solve this problem..thankyou

  • Anonymous

Ive had this phone for 1year and 7mnths, and for the first time today the call end/turn off/on key wont work, any idea as to what I should do ?

  • asad

Iam using w595 from last 1 year,iam tried to open camera and my phone is hanged,and i am repaired the phone but this is not working.what should i do?

  • Chris

My daughter has been using this phone for the last 2 years and it has spoiled twice - both times was because of problem with the ribbon (which is the tiny electrical wires connecting the 2 halves). When I sent the phone to repair with Sony Ericsson repair centre, they tell me that ribbon problem is prevalent with Sony Ericsson slider mobile phones. Though this phone may be good, but because of the issue with the ribbon which is inherent with SE slider phones, I would not recommend anyone to buy this phone.

  • rahul

hey guyzz.... am using the phone since 2 years and am realy happy to say dat i havent faced any problem with it...... and just wanna say if u keep it with soft hands it will definetly be useble for long period of time ... am happy with the sound , camera ...
love ma walkman 595

  • Karthi

Iam using w595 in several months,iam tried to open camera and my phone is hanged,and iam repair the phone but this is not working.what can i do?

  • art

what is the market value of this phone in saudi arabia right now

  • alone boy

Its awsom! Im comenting with it now , i dont know what the others say about it , i hadnt any problem with it!

  • rav3n

i really2 love the ph0ne but was only able 2 use 8 f0r less than a never fell or been damaged physicall..but i was really c0nfused what was the reas0n why it suddenly didnt w0rk well..i still have 8 with me i want 2 fix 8 badly..the pr0blem is, there is n0 text or sh0uld i say n0 characters appear on it..u can't read a thing although u can still listen 2 musics and sh0t pictures,but y0 cant read anything on 8..anyb0dy wh0 kn0ws wt t0 do? need help..the ph0ne means s0 much t0 me, and i want 2 fix 8..ty

  • Anonymous

mridul, 06 Jun 2011i use w-595 i i know recently dat it has sense me ...... morepress key w on side of phone and then sheaf it it should be changing the song

  • edward LT

joewy, 09 Jun 2011its a good mobile thow i have encounted a little problem...i can... morego to the service centre and say that you need reflash software :)