Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • mozkill

This phone has AM radio but this gsmarena site doesnt say so. someone needs to update the stats on this phone.

  • Anonymous

This phone is great and their are different kinds of Se phones like;

1.) "SE Walkman" and the initial for this is "W"
2.) "SE Cybershot" and the initial for this is "C" and "K"
3.) "SE Business phone" and the initial for this is "G"
4.) "SE Radio" and the initial for this is "R"
5.) "SE Fliptop phones" and the initial for this are "Z"

  • Anonymous

Eric, 23 Jul 2008No secondary vga cam for videcall??check the front son

  • kurei

i love this phone

  • flynn

Does this phone not have 3G for the U.S.?

  • Anonymous

it's a walkman not a cybershot...

  • Anonymous

no autofocus= completely useless. Id rather it have 2mp autofocus than 3.2 w/o

  • celladik

good looking but features nothings new

  • Nho_xjnk

Sorry, it has shake control ^^. SE, you rock!!!

  • Nho_xjnk

This phone has every advantages of C905 and W910i, except Shake control and 8mpx camera. It look great. i'll wait for this phone.

  • Anonymous

something in between w580 and w910.

this phone is going to be great!

  • king bugti

wat are the other competition phones in market 4 this 1??

  • daniel

its feature is same as the w910i release before but its design is stylish and chic than w910i

  • Eric

No secondary vga cam for videcall??

  • Ralph

This is certainly a very beautiful handset, however, will this particular phone support US 3G bands?
3G support is something I look for in a phone always.
I would like to know if it is equipped with US 3G capabilities.

  • MobileSlider

I am not a huge SE fan, but this looks pretty cool.

The color combo is sweet.

  • Anonymous

well it is in between c905 and w580 by design.
have a look at its promo

  • Anonymous

i fink its not one of the best fones, (if u no wat i mean).
it looks alot like another SE

  • Dani

I like its Design..

  • kInG buGtI aGaIN..

i mean flash...n i want a gud review gsmarena..