Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Anonymous

something in between w580 and w910.

this phone is going to be great!

  • king bugti

wat are the other competition phones in market 4 this 1??

  • daniel

its feature is same as the w910i release before but its design is stylish and chic than w910i

  • Eric

No secondary vga cam for videcall??

  • Ralph

This is certainly a very beautiful handset, however, will this particular phone support US 3G bands?
3G support is something I look for in a phone always.
I would like to know if it is equipped with US 3G capabilities.

  • MobileSlider

I am not a huge SE fan, but this looks pretty cool.

The color combo is sweet.

  • Anonymous

well it is in between c905 and w580 by design.
have a look at its promo

  • Anonymous

i fink its not one of the best fones, (if u no wat i mean).
it looks alot like another SE

  • Dani

I like its Design..

  • kInG buGtI aGaIN..

i mean flash...n i want a gud review gsmarena..

  • kInG BuGtI..

WhA??nO fLaH..f***...Oh wEl wAtX dA dIfErEnCe b/w w910 n diXX??

  • KiNG BuGtI

I sO fell in luv with this fone..i wish it had auto fokus...i currenly have a k770 n ill wait lyke 4-5 monthx after release 2 bye it...shud i??i have a few q`s...
1:howz the keypad??dox it crack??
2:dox it have gud gamez...i want a good gaming fone..
3:howz da sound capability??is it loud??
4:iz the camera clear??doz it take good snapx??

  • Anonymous

there is only 1 bad thing about this phone which is the small screen. A slider phone with only 2.2 inches ??!! it should be 2.6 inches

  • Anonymous

its design seems to be a mix between the W580 and the C905

  • shadowed_angst

It'd be a phone I'd really want to have if its camera unit had autofocus. Still worth considering because right now I want a non-Nokia (would want to use another brand at the moment for variety's sake) slider with 3G or 3.5G. I hope keys won't crack because it's a slightly evolved W580, which had keypad issues.

  • Bo

nick, 22 Jul 2008just buy a w910. wheres the point in this?!!?There's no point actually, but the camera.

  • Anonymous


  • nick

just buy a w910. wheres the point in this?!!?