Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • Anonymous

miss___, 25 Jan 2010hy everybody... I would like to buy this mobile phone but I'a... moreyes its a great fone gud music dual, 3.5mm headset connector, great camera quality, great audio quality n overall a great fone i jus love it much better than nokia or motorola i dont kno abt samsung cuz ive never used it!!! i think u shud jus go for it

  • David

I have this phone, how can I use the GPS application? (google maps is included in the phone)

Tengo este telefono, ¿como puedo utilizar la aplicacion de GPS? el google maps esta incluido en el telefono. Gracias!

  • KANG

I m new user..
i want to buy W595..tell me how it is..
quality wise..or sound wise..
any other new sony phone option then plz tell budget is 9000

  • Anonymous

Osama, 21 Jan 2010Hi, I am planning to change my set. currently i have W810i. c... morePLEASE DONT change your W810 if it is working. I had one which was damaged beyond repair and now I got a W595. W810 was a perfect phone with excellent Walkman and a very good camera. Far far better than W595. W810 had an auto focus camera with Dual L.E.D. but W595 has a disappointing camera. Earphones are bud type(you must have seen it) not the plug type like the W810. I am using the W810 ones and have not noticed any difference between the two phones, I admit W810 was far better. The ringing sound is louder in W595 (when you recieve a call) but when you play the music it is almost the same. Double speakers hardly make any difference and the equalizers are not available when Walkman is used without earphones or external speakers. The biggest problem is that W595 makes a cracking noise everytime volume is increased or decreased. Even while changing equalizers it makes noise and while rewinding or forwarding the tracks there is an audible noise which is very disturbing. The camera of W595 is poor and no where near W810. The pictures are blurred by even the slightest movement. Everything is supposed to be dead when you click the W595. No flash. The colours may be better looking in the 3MP camera of the W 595 but the moment you transfer them to a PC or laptop the blurred pictures are very very obvious. I still vote for W810 and wish that Sony Erricson starts using the same camera in other models. I dont know why they have started this practice of taking away the features which gave them an edge over the other brands.

  • Mark^_^

how come my sense me does play like it should... i already used the media go and everything... it worked before but it doesn't work now... please help:(

  • apple

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2009Can any1 hepl me? Which phone is btr? W595 or T715. Wad are they... moreHi
i have the same consideration with you
btw these 2 phone...
erm...have you get the idea from someone
W595 better or...T715 better ..?
dun mind to tell me by email me @

many many many thanks......

  • Rusty Tolentino

I find it very comfortable to use..w595 is my 6th sony ericson that i ever far it is one of the best celphone since I switch to SONY

  • Anonymous

its very good

  • pravin

this(w595) is very nice and sexy mobile 3G 3.2 mp camera 10000 price cute true walkman 240x320 resolution, can download any software with any extension(any sony ericsson mobile)....can stream FM and live tvs without any cutting experiance,playnow facility,nice browser and surfing experince,nice picshot, nice functionality, nokia users will never know SonyEricssons Quality Because they dont know how to use and handle SonyEricsson, So neglect them, My first mobile was K300i(in2005 6000Rs) Very nice sound qaulity and funtions but only 12 mb memory..but it was very nice after using for two and half years it was stolen in train,then i used w950i smartphone very good symbian phone 4 gb memeory inbuilt, now going with w595 very nice allrounder Quality by SONYERICSSON THE MUSIC AND Electronic Giant In the World

  • anonymous

i wouldnt recommend this phone , i've been using it since early dec 2008 and now its dead , keypad sucks , i got it repaired for 3 times and yet it gets damaged again , now i cant on my phone because the off button is damaged , idk what happened to it , it just wont switch on , besides the keypads , the functions + sound qualities are great

  • Clare**

This Phone is CUte :) ands nice :)

  • Anonymous

Overboost531, 29 Jan 2010I have a W595 and recently I just bought a W705. Between the two... moreyeah,your all right,we bought 2 w595 units last january 27 2010,and the today is january 30 2010,its been 3 days,so far so problems,the only thing is my girl switch my unit to her..thank you..(want to know why? just call me)09174718798"boy 'kalikot' diez"

  • shamerah

Awesome W phone... Only, other can see all da personal sexy pic in the Media Photo.. n Security lock is function only when it is off not like my other phone(Nokia) juz lock da key pad n worries no more.. can we do somethin bout it? modification perhaps?

  • Cha2x

I bought the Pink w595 and I have it for 3 months now so far no problems...
I'm a music lover so this phone is was the right choice for me

The good:
>Sound Quality is Excellent
>Nice slider and no creaks
>Solid Build Design
>Decent 3.2mp Camera
>Good Battery Life

The Bad:
>Camera has no auto-focus or flash
>No 3.5mm audio jack

Overall I love this phone and I favor it more than my other phone which is the N82


  • Overboost531

I have a W595 and recently I just bought a W705. Between the two walkman phones, I will definetly recommend the W595. The sounds is so good. If you want clarity and bass, this phone is definietly the one you're looking for.

  • Diego N arvaez Maldo

I have one, I'm very happy to take one.
The sound is amazing, in general This phone is great!!!, If you have it, do it...

  • madhan

This is a phone for music listners on the move. The sound quality is just outstanding and this is complemented by the excellent battery life.Single charging can keep you connected for 3 days. The fantastic thing is its has a light sensor which intelligently manages the use of power. I recommend this phone highly.............

  • kiran_k2

miss___, 25 Jan 2010hy everybody... I would like to buy this mobile phone but I'a... morethe problem is it's overpriced..i got my phones FPC replaced within a months of purchase and service station people took 1 full month to do so..go buy a samsung or LG phones.. full touch phones starts from 7K indian

  • kiran_k2

Joab, 25 Jan 2010Does this phone have a 3.5 mm audio jack?no

  • Joab

Does this phone have a 3.5 mm audio jack?