Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • David

Is this AP or original?

  • Anna

No, this model doesn't include a cd due to "keeping the environment safe" and reducing any further damage to it (whatever??). You should connect to your pc via usb cabel and go to and download useful stuff from there. Worked in my case at least... here's another one -
Hope it'll help ya

  • Anonymous

best phone i used

  • Kym

Ive had this phone for 3 months. the sound is orgasmic! i keep discovering new things in it. my question is, is it meant to come with a manual and Cd? mine didnt come with these things

  • borj

this phone is great..i want to stole the w595 unit from my brother....hehehe

give me some advise which phone to budget is $10.. tnx..

  • Neutral Russian

This phone is allright with its regular camera, mp3 player and other functions and even though its cheap its pretty boring. The worst thing about this phone are the keys on the phone that breaks very easily.

  • Mary

This is the greatest phone I've ever had. It's usefull, the camera is great, sound also, battery life is ok. Its handy and I recommend it to everyone.

  • kayla

Can someone help me? I am using sony ericsson w595. It worked well for me, untill i tried downloading 100 songs inside. All of my photos, videos and even the songs i tried downloading got deleted, and ever since that my memory card does not work anymore. It keeps saying "Memory Card not available.Data will be saved to the phone memory." pls help.

  • Anna

I've bought the w595 only a few weeks ago (the sandy gold one), quite a cute little phone. Although I wish the keypad was a bit more comfortable and softer, in my case it feels rather tough and makes squeaky noises when typing an sms, Camera quality not that bad for my needs, sound quality quite ok. Data transfer is really fast.I just wish they improved the keypad on this model. Otherwise I'm ok with it. For now...

  • Robbie

Does anybody here know where I could go to change my phone's themes? I mean, including the smallest of all icons such as the inbox icon, calculator, alarms and all that. I used to do the same thing with my Nokia E63. I was just wondering if it's any possible with Sony Ericsson phones. Thanks!

  • Usnish Samanta

Flex cut within 7 months.

  • xtian

i didnt really lyk it..
but its gud..

  • Arian

Hi everyone, My phone is a bit slow(e.g. slower than w880) in opening menu, walkman, etc. I want to know it's only my problem or not? tnx

  • MarkeD

I have this phone for three months now, It always falls... it fell about 5-10 times and still works like it didn't fall... i chose the pink one even though I'm a guy because it attracts some girls when i get their numbers saying that my phone is cute... the cool thing for this phone is its design... its slide design makes it sleek and its curved edges adds to its design... great features and everything... nice music player and music sounds... the bad part of it is its camera with no auto focus and flash... but nowadays, most people have digital cameras right? music plays great... one of the best phone I used... not that pricey and yet, contains many features... to those who always find some phones like this annoying because of some bad features, I'd like to add up that in most phones, you can't have it all... if you want best phones, try buying phones that can rip your wallets^_^... to those who like w810i, i like it too but my phone broke because of my clumsiness^_^... thanks and goodbye!!!

  • In camera

Got this phone recently and i love workin with it,its so cute and portable everything about this phone is gud.

  • Anonymous

sebby, 21 Jan 2010i had got my W595 for almost 2wks.. pretty stable phone. no r... morewell its a awesome phone made 4 muzic listners!!
but it has some of d disadvantages lik
1)camera as of 3.2mp is not good!
2)key pad it rubbish, n ve strip problems in it n i ve enconuterd problems in it !
3)slid is not tat sleek, n its ruff compared to any other slider phones i wish it would be a simple BAR phone instead of SLIDER!
besides all this d phone is too good!!!

  • cistah

i have this phone for 3months ,a have no problem with this phone,the features was so great, if im going to choose between touch screen phone or this phone,i wont hesitate to choose this phone,unlike to other phone especially touch screen phone,the camera is poor ,low quality ,,

SE w595 is a great phone, i really like this phone,..:))

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2010i know this phone has google maps but is there a GPS on it?No it doesn't have a GPS on it ...

  • Anonymous

i know this phone has google maps but is there a GPS on it?

  • susie

i have the w595 since september 09. after only 3 weeks it stopped working and it had to be sent away for a software upgrade. since i've gotten it back thogh it has been working perfectly.