Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595

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  • nmtshh

its awesome cell damn....other brands sucks...i used all most brands but da satisfaction ot from somethin can't explain...awesome cell

  • me


  • hendry

i like the gold much for the gold ??????? plizz reply...asap

  • Wala'a

Could anyone tell me pls if the incoming calls alert is high or not, it's important for me to hear it while I'm outside..thanks

  • gadge

comparing this to n95-1 how is the speakers?

  • Wala'a - Egypt

It looks great, may anyone tell me its message capacity, I mean how many messages maximum could it have?

  • Kelsey Cullen

hey i really want this fone and i mite get it but i used 2 have a samsung so if i put my memory card in2 the fone will it work and will all my songs still b on it???? K

  • Bubun

I just bought it a week ago. It u simply superb.

  • narayan

Ahrees, 30 Apr 2009I just bought one a week ago, nice pink color ^^; I'm wondering ... moreFind it here.....­ilePdf.html

  • kiran

how is the battery backup dudes!!!

  • Anonymous

raj mathur, 30 Apr 2009is the w595 better than the n73m? does the phone hang? flash i... more1000 times better than nokia garbage. go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahrees

I just bought one a week ago, nice pink color ^^; I'm wondering though if I can put on an application like adobe reader (or anything that opens ebooks) in there? Has anybody ever tried doing that with this phone?

  • raj mathur

is the w595 better than the n73m?
does the phone hang?
flash is not a major criteria
sound quality is important,,,,,,
its urgent

  • me

Can you switch the mobile network off & connect to Orange Fr via wifi only ?

You can with a HTC Touch 3G & Blackberry supporting Unik/Unicon/Unique ?

This saves roaming costs when you are abroad, The Unik Samsung P270 from Orange France does not allow such & all calls even connected to wifi are charged at roaming rates as you are connected to the roaming network & wifi = expensive bills

My Orange UK Blackberry Pearl 8120 connects with wifi to Orange UK via wifi anywhere in the world & calls come out my UK allowances for calls/texts to the UK, and incoming calls are free aswell... not at Orange UK's expensive roaming charges...

  • jun

very good phone
nice speakers by the way
design the best for slide phones
i get 2 colors for me and for my wife
white with red

  • Erissa

Is it a good phone ????
i hope it was, since this is my 1st time i'm gonna try SE phone (get bored wit nokia old design)...
at 1st i thought i want to buy w910i...but after the rumours said that w910 keep on restart by itself, so i guess i would go for this this phone had the same problem wit w910.... thnx

  • Anonymous

Aravind.C, 28 Apr 2009im goin to buy a new gadget like this, but i'm confused to buy t... morew700 beats the crap off that samsung u just mentiond.w595 is almost supernatural to that samsung i450 or wot u calld it.if u dnt mind its video capability then choose w595.u wil love SE for life.

  • ravi

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2009guys after being so confused I bought my c510 I would like to sh... morei need to know abt the sound quality coz im searching a phone especially for music thks

  • amz

I just got this phone today. Its still on charge so i havent gotten to use it yet but the phone model is really nice. I got the pink one and i recommend it to anyone that likes a pink phone.

  • Aravind.C

im goin to buy a new gadget like this, but i'm confused to buy tis mobile or samsung's i450..? i need to get te mobile in part of performance and not by style or any thing else.. so clear me which is better... samsung i450 or sony w595..?