Sony Ericsson W705

Sony Ericsson W705

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  • Afrod

I Wish it had autofocus

  • haider

i m moto and SE fan...... i loved my w300i $175, w580i $220 and k850i $ 320, Nokia Motorokr e6 $ 200 and my current ROKR E8 $ 220............... but this fone has really unapealing hape but above average features it will be gud at $250-275

  • hugzzy

does this phone have an oled screen???

  • gsmReader

W900 from 2005 still reigns king with 2MP, autofocus, flash, video calls and 30fps QVGA.

W705 released for Q1 2009 is a joke.

  • myyvaine

suuuper fone :D:D love it SE rules

  • Tc17

This is the upgrade to a w910 (dusnt eny 1 els think so?)
With a improved cam (2mp to 3mp) and wifi
if u want a music phone u go 4 se w range n n0kia xpressmusic or n even m0to em is gr8
samsung is m0re in desighn n the i450 ant that gr8 compered to n0kia se n m0to

  • Problems

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2008wow still no headphone jack for a music phone? extremely disappo... moreNo 3.5mm, no GPS.
What is SE doing?
The thing i hate is the fat charge adapter and all the headphones would be loose on the phone after a short period of time.

  • Tc17

Wel i like the lo0ks of this phone (only in white) and i want this phone i wonder how mutch wil it be in uk ?
Wel lo0ks realy bad in red n black lo0ks realy cheap in red

  • Anonymous

Yet another phone which will be overpriced and do the exact same thing as all of the other phones that lead to it's creation.

  • Anonymous

Cruisty, 06 Nov 2008isn't "FM radio with RDS" and "FM receiver" the same thing?No, the FM reciever means you don't need a headset attached to it as an antenna, but that doesn't matter because you need that fat adapter for headphones anyways

  • G900 user

I was a SE fan. But I see it is not improving very much... slow processors, (208 MHz on my G900!!!) Only 256k colors, low video recording, (only QVGA) it was really good in the past. Now I must say: SE no more Rocks, in fact it sucks!!!!

  • Cruisty

isn't "FM radio with RDS" and "FM receiver" the same thing?

  • Richard

wow this phone looks alrite. but i still like c702 the best

  • BEL

nice to have a wifi feature on W series

  • BEL

why don't we have autofocus and touch screen on W series?

  • Anonymous

why can't we get auto focus in W series

they don't want to sell that much??

  • bloody

What "NOKIA features"? NOKIA FEATURES are older more than 3 years! If you are looking for innovations certainly will not find any in NOKIA nor, as you say, in Sony Ericsson, for innovations you should look in SAMSUNG or HTC! In those two brands you can find plenty of innovations!
Othewise why would NOKIA's profit fall for more than 60%?

  • Anonymous

wow still no headphone jack for a music phone? extremely disappointing
once again SE is still years behind other manufacturers

  • SE + Nokia Fan

A very nice upgrade to SE W910...
Rock On, SE!!!