Sony Ericsson W705

Sony Ericsson W705

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  • bloody

What "NOKIA features"? NOKIA FEATURES are older more than 3 years! If you are looking for innovations certainly will not find any in NOKIA nor, as you say, in Sony Ericsson, for innovations you should look in SAMSUNG or HTC! In those two brands you can find plenty of innovations!
Othewise why would NOKIA's profit fall for more than 60%?

  • Anonymous

wow still no headphone jack for a music phone? extremely disappointing
once again SE is still years behind other manufacturers

  • SE + Nokia Fan

A very nice upgrade to SE W910...
Rock On, SE!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Xiaohui

Nice design , hope that it will release earlier ...

  • nsx2680

not so impressive features, im not so excited to this phone even if they release it early. maybe they should try another.

  • Anonymous

why does sony ericsson keep on making phone with the same features?
are there no innovations?
we'll i'd rather go with the nokia phones.
yes, u all keep on saying nokia phones keep on repeating styles and designs of their phones. BUT look at the features.

  • Dani

Nice niceeee

  • Anonymous


  • ip

SE rocks

  • Anonymous