Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • davross

anybody know what the preset security pin is? it was apparently 1111 but it isnt.

  • Anonymous

Update the phone with SEUS, sounds like the memory stick bug. Or copy files yourself using the windows explorer, dump them in the mp3 folder/artist/album

Press +or- to get the clock when in standby.

  • Babak

Yeah ; like Paul I am a little bit surprised with these "vaporising" music !
I use the recommended Disc2phone to transfer music, but still many of the track are simply not there... ?! Can Anyone Help please :)

  • Paul Johnson

does anyone know why sometimes when u transfer music onto the phone, it does not show up and also why some tunes just disappear from the artist list when u have transfered them, cause its p*ssing me of

  • igino

Would anybody know how to flash this phone, and install Symbian operating system into it?

If it is not...why can't it be done?

  • igino

***** Anybody have Universal Remote control for this Java Phone?? ***********

I have spent so many hours on the net and could not find any.....either free one or the one where I can buy!

  • zed

is it possible to lock keypard and how

  • mario

i have downloaded many games until now on my w800i. but i still need one security program that requires a password on the screen like a screen lock or something like this.. plz helpppppppp

  • andymusic

I love this phone and I will buy it definnaly however as everything in the world is not 100% this phone got something that should had thought twice in the process of devoloping it : the video - WHY IT DOESN´T RECORD WITH 352X288 LIKE SAMSUNG E720 OR D600 AND PLAY VIDEO IN MPEG4 FORMAT, apart from this 2 points this phone is great I just dont ´know why if the phone had this it would have beat nokia n90 an n70 ( in video guality ) - but it´s ok

  • NewToSE

Erg...I apologize for the mistake: I meant '...the display gets BLACK', not 'balck'!!

  • NewToSE

Hi, everybody there!
I' ve got a question for...anyone who will be so kind to answer and solve my doubt! I' ve just buoght the mobile, and it behaves in a quite strange way: if I let it rest for a while (say, few seconds),the standby mode starts in order to save the battery and the display gets balck, thus making near impossible to distinguish the clock! Now, the question at hand is: is this a firmware/hardware bug, or is it a 'normal' behaviour?

  • cjjong


Any idea why i can't flash my W800c firmware by using SEUS? Error is that is says Currently no update avail for ur operator.

Still stuck way behind on R1K001.

Is it my IMEI has been lock by SE?

Any alternative? Davinci?

  • Dimitar Savov

I have it and I think it's amazing! Everything is perfect! Sound, picture quality, functions! Even the design (color), which I didn't like much at first, seems very good now! There can't be a better phone, believe me!

  • Paternostertje

to Irene
You can't listen to music through a Bluetooth headphone. Only calls are supported

  • bob

best cellphone i have seen. i wanted to buy it so i need to save.

  • Irene

It's the best phone ever! It's sooo good it's a classic already! How many people can remember the Nokia's series? People will always remember this phone even after it's long way gone!!!! If I ever have to have a new cellphone, I would not give this one away.

  • LaZY

HI was wondering can you using wireless bluetooth headsets to listen to mp3 music??

  • shashikumar

hi the speaker mono?pls tell me

  • marvin joss

which phone is better this one or the k750i, i know there both nearly the same i just want other people's opinion.

  • ayin_v

what is the firmware for? what happens to my phone after i download it? by the way thanks to william for answering my previous question.