Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • Jollie

Yeehaa. jus ordered this phone. should be hear in 2-5 working days. can a user back up how good this phone actually is and tell me the best features and anything they would change about it? cheers

  • scooby

can anyone post the latest firmware plz... i m having problems wid r1l firmware of mine...plz w800 users post it as soon as u can can't wait to upgrade

  • dj_ashtray

P.D. for the above post: In a few words, MP4 ringtones are also supported for W800. SE really Rules!!!!

  • dj_ashtray

It's true, I've tried and It was succesful. I tried to play and use an .mp4 as ringtone on my w800 and it Worked. I just sent the song via Bluetooth and looked for it in media manager after I pushed the "more" option and it appeared the menu and It says: "Use as:" I selected ringtone. Sound is really great and loud, well in afew words
I'm not sure if this would be possible on k750, 'cos k700 was able to play it but not to use it as a ringtone, Perhaps this function isn't available in k series, or perhaps it's only not available in k700 (If anyone can Check it, pleez post it).
To all the w800/k750 users I suggest to convert your mp3 song to mp4 (not the fuc**ng AAC). The mp4 songs @ 64 kbps "almost" sounds as mp3 @ 128 kbps, It really isn't the same quality but it sound very good; we're saving the half of an mp3 file size. I use QuickTime Pro to do this 'cos I tried others converters but they all got a bad mp4 conversion. And pleez dont be confused about it, When you convert to Mp4 isn't necessary to be AAC, mp4 codec is different and it sounds much better than AAC. Just try it on QuickTime and you'll see the difference. ;-)

  • Anonymous

hey ya.. this phone is more popular than N90 and K750 in Indonesia. N90 and W800 both are almost equal in price, but most ppl choose W800 over N90 there. ^__^

  • gabriela

That "reboot" is a a bug of the software. Itīs a great great phone. Definetively W800i rocks!!!!!!!
If you want to buy a Nokia...just buy it! Thereīs a every phone for every person!!!!! Both phones, W800i and Nokia N90 are great mobiles

  • gabriela

I'm from Venezuela and sometimes my mobile crashes and 'reboot'itself. It shows 2 "white screens" and then it works again. It happens using Walkman and camera at the same time

  • Dlx

Ok Im in Australia and have had the phone for 3weeks. Here is a problem I have noticed:
When listening to Radio or MP3 and using the Camera at the same time, the Mobile sometimes crashes requiring me to 'reboot' the phone. SE are not sure of this problem. Has anyone else had this problem?

Oh yeah the phone stays clean unlike the demo models in store, just watch for the screen as if can get scratched easiy.

  • Phil

I agree with Anita and Joey about the casing and it was this that made me have second thoughts about the phone. Will it get dirty quickly, etc?

Thankfully, one of my friends got one about a month ago and let me fiddle around with hers. The casing is a lot smoother than the one displayed in the shops. So when I thought about it SE probably don't use the same materials for their dummy phones.

But definately after seeing hers, I have made the decision to get it by the end of next month. Can't wait!

  • I want w800 :)

Does anyone know if this phone will be out in Canada by December? Thanks for any information.

  • Abbasy

hi there,, I used this phone for 3 weeks and it's not filthy as they said,, u'll have only some fingerprints on the screen but u can handle it,, that's it !! thnx

  • funny man

i think the phone is great but why the color orange i think it looks much better in blue but if u get it in blue the case is fake

  • yunver

ı lıke thıs phone ve
ry much

  • Joey

i agree with Anita. I've also seen this mobile in a shop in the UK and the phone was filthy. and it maybe gets like that quickly because how long has this phone out in the shop display, not long i think!

  • Anita

I've seen this in two Mobile shops in Australia & I must say the white casing is bad news. Both in the stores were filthy & knocked up. I think the casing on the 750i (black or silver) would be much more versatile.

  • SE Supporter

no phone is equally good & is a slide or flip

  • tyge

i like this phone but i prefer a slide or fliptop design. can someone help find a fon with the se w800 features but has the design of s700 or d500...


  • Rosey

Could anyone help me?..i wanna buy SE phone but i can't decide to choose w800 or z800. so i juz wanna know the advantages and disadvantages of theses two phone PLZZZZ

  • tharaka

hey,, hopinf to buy a w800 and i wanna no if its possiable to store sms in the phone memory and as well as in the memory card till it gets filled.. like in many nokia phones with sambian OS.??

  • SE Supporter

hey se supporter dun copy my nick pls! yes it has flash in it.. if u wan brighter flash get the external.. not sure if its included in the package..

PEACE n dun use my NICK!