Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • SteVeO

ZERO,This fone is the best walkman fone, beta than W550 coz that only has 1.3mp camera and no memory stick, beta than W810 coz that has no lens cover, beta than W900 coz that is just way too big, beta than W850 coz has no autofocus and W850 mite have sh!t slide mechanism, beta than W710 coz has no autofocus and looks bad, beta than W700 coz has no autofocus and only comes with 256mb Card, Its just the Best Walkman fone by far and looks realy nice and has all the stuff u need on a phone, had mine for bout 5 months and NUTHING has gone wrong, My dream fone.

  • Boom

hello...i have camera problem with my w800i,sometimes when i took pic,the pic become slightly grey abit and sometimes it turns a bit yellowish.but when i use pic went totally yellow..i can prove u that..pls help me and add

  • erick

hey does the SE w800 support 4gb ms pro duo? who knows?

  • mike

dude this is the best walkman phone!! is great its walkman player is gest like ipods one!

  • ZERO

Hey Guys im planning to get this phone soon and I think its a great phone to get. I just wanna know is this the best CHEAP walkman phone you can get? Ill be watching this space for a while so if you can help me out please do!!

  • dee

i have a question.. i bought my w800 just awhile ago but my camera is not working alredy, i tried it and the screen shows a green dot on the upper left corner of the screen but it wont take pics.. i dunno why.. and how many pictures and songs can w800 store in its memory??

  • cheng

May i know where i can download Super Real Tennis for this HP.. i love the game so much....

  • Anonymous

i must say the SE W800 is one of the best phone ever

  • Anonymous

I am facing the problem with the memory card in my W800 when i connect the phone with USB cable A new Removeable Disk appear on my computer just like Flash Drive But when i open it. Its un reachable after some seconds and then i check the phone status from Volume Up button then Its display on the screen only phone memory not the card.

So i disconnect the USB cable and again check the phone status then its display both memories.

Kindly help me that what should i do becuase my card become not readable after some seconds and i am unable to transfer any data.

Please helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  • Anonymous

it is very very good and great phone

  • brazil

Wich record the video one? the video one is limited by the free space in the memory card, or you can set it up to record to mms settings, about the voice recording also up on to the memory card.

  • oaksy

does anyone know how long the w800i records for?

  • sweetie

has never used it but work at a digiel store and this phone is just hat you call a top phone

  • C4

im a kid,im planning to buy a new fone. but im confused on what to buy the k750 or w800i. does w800i plays full screen playback? i own a s700 8 doesnt have a full screen playback. and on the on board speaker w/c is better k750 or w800? pls help me guys...

  • Anonymous

Just bought my W800 a couple of months ago (international version) for myself in Canada and found all the features work great; the camera, MP3 player, battery life, keypad, everything...except as a phone. The reception is really bad. The main reason I have a cell phone is to use as a phone, but it doesn't do that. I have another phone, a Motorola, which does not have half the features my Sony does, but the reception is excellent...even in the subway. I just wish I could have tested the reception before I bought it. I prefer international phones cuz of the features, but it needs to work as a phone too. Hopefully my next Sony will have better reception. Cheers.

  • Earl

It;s a very nice phone. Imean it.
I am a sonyericcson fan.

  • NoMi

best best very best mobile phone

  • unimpressed

well i was very excited to get my Sony Ericsson w800... well after using it for about 2 months i was happy with all the functionality. but i noticed that every now and then it would have a little "freakout" and i assumed it was a software glitch... the graphics would distort and i would have to reboot ( kinda like windows ) anyway, one day while making a call the phone froze (kinda like windows) and i turned the fone off to reboot. but alas the phone would not switch back on... now i have a pretty nice paper weight, kinda like my windows laptop.

  • Ayodele

I have been using the W800 for about 4 months now and everyday I handle it, regret never comes my way. I had wanted to get an Ipod and a digital camera, but with the W800, they both can take a nap. To say the very least, it's a complete phone.

  • Anonymous

now this not the phone to which u say hav a money to buy now it costing only 239$.so anyone can buy this phone and in few month it will cost only 200$.so if u hav money than buy p990 on\r nokia 80 or 91.dont talk about this cheap white and orange phone.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and in atlast sell this phone using for 8 month cos of joystick i sell mine only for 150$ and buy this phone is september for 500$.and now i hav n91 which play better music than w800 and big screen but photos are not good but far better than it so if u hav money buy 91 or w810 which is good in my opnion.think 100 times before buy it.