Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • Anonymous

hi, i have this phone and like it very much, as a reply to 'Suvarn' the video recording format is '3gp' but you can play mp4 too.
To record long videos u can do it by selecting 'High quality' from 'shoot mode' at settings of the video..

  • Anonymous

Hi, just a question about this phone. I have somehow managed to take the predictive text off my messages. I obviously try to hold don the * key to put it back on but it won't work.

Can anyone help me get my predictive text back???


  • suvarn

this phone is really great.i love all the features but the camera the most.i have questions that need answering. what is the video format so i convert those on my comp an is there ne way to make the vids longer?? also my joystik fell off,does ne1 noe where i can get a replacement??

  • Anonymous

yes it can play mp4 and 3gpp files as well depending on your converter.

  • mimicatzz

hello there!whats up sony ericsson fans!!have a question plz answer,can u play mpeg4 on dis phone?????it says only mp3 n aac supported,wanna know abt mp4...

  • Anonymous

The best phone ever serious guys the photo quality the sound tops,

  • Anonymous

in moving movie files the phone should be connected to the computer by usb data cable of course or by a card reader/writer.

  • Anonymous

converted 3gp movies are sent automatically on the video folder on the memory stick otherwise when asked,specify video folder on memory per my experience i just move my movies from my computer to the phone via usb cable and presto!!!it is saved to my memory card on the video folder. if u use card reader/writer, open the removable drive of the phone and open to search for the video folder on the memeory card(not on the DCIM folder)

  • junkie LT

Great phone.Can somebody tell me where should i put full lenght 3gp movies in it?in which folder?

  • JacQ

Hey guys...

I bought w800 last mth,when starting the couple weeks everything seem to b work perfectly but after a mth its problem start to show up.I encounter my w800 sometimes will hang up the call by itself n smtimes will turn into white screen.

And the other things is this w800 im using has already using the latest firmware R1BC002 .

Does anyone out there face the same problems??

  • Mook

Hey all, just bought the w800 and it rocks. just need to know if it can play aac files by default, or i have to change some settings. let me know please. or il use my powers at vodafone to deactivate ur gprs! oooo lol im kidding

  • Sk

I recently bought this phone and dumped my nokia 6600...this phone surely rocks but i miss 3g in this phone for the price i have paid for it...anyway a music buff phone truly.

  • sunitt

Why the hell is USB driver not on CD in the K750i box. Why it has to be downloaded from internet, dezipped and then installed in a tricky and complex procedure. The procedure also is not explained in the manual. Will Sony Ericsson explain and why did it put its users to this unnecessary trouble.

  • che

just got this fone today,very very happy with it.nice one se :)

  • bubbles

whatever happens to cellphone makers these days? they don't make exciting cellphones as they used to. all they do is copy their own products or copy other brands. i remember how i excited i feel when i first saw W800i. i said to myself, that is the cellphone i want, that is the cellphone for me. :-) i am right. it is the perfect cellphone for me. nothing beats it yet. cellphone nowadays aren't so exciting. that is my opinion. hope cellphone makers would be more creative. :-)

  • Average Joe

No you can't video caller ID, you probably could use a gif animation image though. but certainly not 3gp.

  • marek lutonsky

the difference is that W810 has EDGE but w800 aint got it.nothin else.

  • nadeem

best phone in the can whip any i pods axx if you have a better option than this phone then dont tell me. great cam n best sound function.acthung baby

  • Anonymous

As far as I know...NO it doesn't have videotone capability like d600 and 903SH.

I don't have any issues against you Mr. Graphic Designer. Nothing personal here. Just reacted to your way of expression not to mention you the first to say unpleasant phrases.

And when you ask a specific person about a specific subject have the courtesy of saying PLEASE...

  • Kal

@reasonable man

Would you mind answering the questin below or you have some issues with me.
Does W800 has video caller ID?