Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970No se phone to date can top a multimedia monster like the n95. If you have ever owned a phone that beared the name "N-Series" you would turn on se faster than you could name a phone thats better. And if you really want to waste your time hoping to find a better phone, you could also name all the features the n95 has that this phone doesn't, such as a larger screen, 3g support for both the us and euro, gps w/ a-gps, GOOD 3D gaming and gaming in general (sorry those sorry excuses for games are nowhere near as fun and impressive as running Quake 2 on your n95), not dealing with the incredibly slow music player (loading music on an 8gb m2 stick is a cool thing, but looking for them on your phone will make you wanna shoot yourself before you even get to see an artist name), friendlier user interface is nice, but what is the point if it just turns out to lag, 3rd party program support, wi-fi, full web browser with flash support, youtube, I honestly(I mean honestly) could go on and on, but there's no denying it. Oh and in terms of being slow, you have obviously never owned an n95. It has a dual arm processor meaning not only does it have two processors to multitask, it can also run the phone as a phone and act as a mass storage device while you're there with your se phone transfering music or pictures and missing all the calls and messages. The 128mb of ram will ensure that your phone will hardly ever run slow. There will be a phone that will dethrone the n95 as the multimedia king but I will guarantee you so long as se keeps separating the two things they can do best with the walkman (w) series and the cybershot series (c, formally known as k), combine them somehow and create a flagship that won't exclude anything sony can't do, then there's no hope with any se phones that will even hope to be in the same league as any phone in the prestigious N-Series. And when i mean combine, I do not mean throwing a 5mp shooter on a walkman without the full cybershot(or at least a true camera) interface. Because all that does is makes the phone a walkman with a 5mp camera.

  • gideon

recently, I heard that LG will launch music phone with dolby sound software..

why sony doesnt include dolby sound sofware?
because, my old walkman casette, has a dolby sound..

must be really cool walkman phone if sony launch with dolby, n seperate music engine..
SE rules!

  • Anonymous

no matter what. the design really turns me off.
somehow, it has 5 megapixels in it.
its still not a camera phone so it doesnt have xenon flash but it still has image quality.
the lack of 3.5 mm jack is nothing to be sad about. for that is the only thing nokia keeps bragging about on their xpressmusic music line-up. for which their music phones doesn't produce high quality sounds except n91.
sony ericsson w902 still wins my heart!

  • Direwolf_65

STeve, 10 Aug 2008Stop being a fanboy. SE hasnt made a decent phone in a while, bu... moreGood question, I would like to know if Sony plans to upgrade to VGA in next years phones. If you think 'pushing' for VGA will help, count me in.

  • Anonymous

Neo316, 09 Aug 2008This phone is crap because: 1. The same old design. 2. Walkman... moreYup! Neo316, i agreed with ur comments.

  • STeve

ND, 08 Aug 2008Nokia has made a move that may be seen as a war declaration to r... moresorry about the post below it was meant for this person :P

  • STeve

gopz, 08 Aug 2008hey guys i no dat dis phone looks too good and its features r al... moreStop being a fanboy. SE hasnt made a decent phone in a while, but has Nokia REALLY impressed in the last couple of releases? NO.
Each manufacture has good points. SE has the best mid-range interface, (its just my opinion but I hate nokia s40), S60 is some of the best interface in the mobile market (if they increase the speed of s60 it would be awesome).I just think you guys should take it easier on SE and other companies instead of nagging about stuff you WANT but not use.

WHY dont we push for VGA displays, QVGA sucks

  • Neo316

If anyone has any doubts... hear it from the experts...­02-en.shtml

  • Neo316

This phone is crap because:
1. The same old design.
2. Walkman without dedicated DSP ?!? (For the uninitiated, it does not have a separate chip for processing music)
3. No 3.5mm jack ( I know you might be able connect one to the handsfree but one would expect a direct port for a music oriented phone)
4. The 8gb memory is on a M2 card and NOT on the phone which means that the phone will be much slower once the card fills up.
Lets get on to the cam now
1. 5mp cam is fine but no xenon flash
2. No lens cover.
3. Video recording is in ancient QVGA, no VGA @30fps.

All these posts about this phone being the best ever are nothing but lil SE fanbois raving about this outdated piece of crap.

If there is ANY phone worthy of the title of best ever it is the samsung innov8 nuff said.

  • Anonymous

you *own* a w902?? i seriously doubt it...

  • retish

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970my first phone is n73
music edition i sell it three months i am a proud owner of w 902.its
awesome the music rocks you all the way,pricture clarity is superb,i put a rating for n 73me 70% and for se w 902 95%.

  • tabraiz

dude this is very good mobile its style is g8 and its vice is so cool i love this

  • chieva

uh...its so nice..

  • Anonymous

Direwolf_65, 09 Aug 2008True! Now That being said, I have tried Nokia, Samsung, and Mot... moreVery well said.

  • Direwolf_65

Jakku, 08 Aug 2008SE's smartphones aren't very good are they? they didn't hit the ... moreTrue!
Now That being said, I have tried Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola. I like Sony the best, and it works the best for me. I agree, that different people will like different phones. I just dont understand why all of these people that post about other phones even post here. If they like a different phone, why are they here picking on Sony? I dont waste my time, nor theirs by posting on others I dont like. If they have tried a Sony phone and did not like it, I am fine with that, and dont mind knowing why they did not like it. It just bugs me reading a bunch of posts that seem that the poster did not even use one brain cell to think about what they were posting.

  • adhya

just need wifi there :)

  • ami

is this a wi-fi phone?

  • berahim

the screen size no more bigger than n95 what else?

  • Nice design

In fairness to SE, W902 is the best design I have seen for a long time from SE. You can just forget the rest. Sorry, just my opinion.

  • ND

BoA_cOnstrictor, 07 Aug 2008SonyEricsson should learn something from Nokia...Nokia made all ... moreYUP!BoA_cOnstrictor, i agreed with ur points.