Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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  • Anonymous

Jakku, 07 Aug 2008He has a good point though, while Nokia's N-Series bundle up al... moreYup! Jakku, i agreed with ur points.

  • day

this phone is good! but sony should release it while still hot! if nokia release new model maybe this phone will overshadow\.

  • ND

Nokia has made a move that may be seen as a war declaration to rivals Motorola and Sony Ericsson. The latter two cellphone manufacturers have been hemorrhaging revenues and market share this past year or so and Nokia’s recent across-the-board price cuts may hasten the two companies’ demise.

Reports Reuters:

Nokia made the steepest price reductions of up to 10 percent for selected music and media phones, while it made smaller cuts across the portfolio, a European telecom industry source said.

Though Nokia shares up 2 per cent more, it will go a long way in cementing Nokia’s lead as the top cellphone manufacturer. Former close rivals Motorola and Sony Ericsson have been falling rapidly in market share, while Samsung and LG, current second and third in the market have little chance of catching up.

  • Jakku

Direwolf_65, 08 Aug 2008True.......but we are back to compairing Nokia smartphones to S... moreSE's smartphones aren't very good are they? they didn't hit the spot with the W960 or G900.
Anyway try to remember this isn't a sport... These are just normal companies, not football teams! Why would anyone care about which company is better? (Aslong as you don't work for one).
I only care about what product gives me the most value for my money, I couldn't care less who makes it and neither should you.
It's very true that an N82 is a higher-end phone but aslong as they both deliver the same solution for you mobile need it really doesn't matter.

The truth is if you have a slim phone and you pack with a some nice powerful feature gimmicks you can bet your sweet behind it won't run that smooth. Like I said before aslong as you don't plan on playing games or surfing and using all shorts of handy extra apps you might aswell just get a slim SE.

  • gopz

hey guys i no dat dis phone looks too good and its features r also good. but i think it wont stand in front of nokia n82. cos thats a complete device. i no many ppl tell dat sony has got seperate sections lik cybershot, walkman etc but getting all de things in a single phone takes something man.after all you are spending money to buy de phone, they are not giving it for free. and coming to camera clarity n82 is de winner. you can compare a digital camera picture quality with dat and proof is also der . so i think is se is loosing it , soon it has to come out with something.

  • Anonymous

This is a great phone !! i don't think it's camera is as good as K850's because it is not Cyber-shot, but with all these specifications and a 5 MP camera...awesome !!

  • me

not bad....but no xenon, so one step behind se k850..

  • cang leee

oh man dis phone is amazin i mean the performance style and the 5mplx cant wait till itz out wooooooww se rocks my ass

  • Dadang

Hooii...theres no reason to tell that this phone gr8!!! dadang choose this phone, what about u?? of course lah..YES.

  • ReVan

According to me this is the most beautifully designed phone SE has come out with.

As someone mentioned, SAMSUNG is going to be the next to notch cell phone maker, already giving a tough competition to Nokia and HTC with Omnia and INNOV8. SE, in spite of it's losses this year and the major blunder with the C & G series phones is on the right path of providing cutting-edge tech and improved designs to stay at par with the current market trends.

As far as I see, the future is Samsung, Nokia & SE. HTC will really have to work hard to cope up, dicing between Android and WM6/7.

  • Direwolf_65

Jakku, 07 Aug 2008He has a good point though, while Nokia's N-Series bundle up al... moreTrue.......but we are back to compairing Nokia smartphones to Sony music and camera phones. Are we back to compairing Nokia's best with a camera and music phone? Thats sad to say that Nokia has to take it's best, to just meet Sony's Music and camera phones.
I would hate to see Nokia vs. a Sony smartphone.

  • alSaQi

the best one

  • Jakku

Dani, 07 Aug 2008N73 ? Nokia Cannot get to the Level of Walkman, Cyber-ShotHe has a good point though, while Nokia's
N-Series bundle up all the features with strong processors. SE divide them to cybershot and walkman brands the result is that right now SE is better for basic users who use the phone for just music, imaging, texting and of course phone calls - the phones are compact, dureable and are a lot more PRETTY.
If you need more, if you want to play games with your phone on top of all that you need a Nokia, wanna surf the web also? Nokia.
Nokia's smarphones can do the basics very well and the extras very well aswell, it's just a question rather or not you really need the extras.

  • Dani

BoA_cOnstrictor, 07 Aug 2008SonyEricsson should learn something from Nokia...Nokia made all ... moreN73 ?

Nokia Cannot get to the Level of Walkman, Cyber-Shot

  • mohit

fon's gud...gr8 features fantastic looks...i always wanted this kinda just wanted to know the cost price...? i dint find the price anywhere on the net...

  • dude

This phone rocks guys.....this is a phone which every person dreams of. If u think of buying this phone i will just say dont wait and just buy this beautiful thing.

  • dj fn

wow..... perfect!!!!!!!!!!cant find a specific word to describe this phone!!!!!!!!!soimple just too good!!

  • Erkan

Ok guys.... Now we have the perfect phone in the markt.. Thanks SonyEricsson.. Very Great job..

  • famous Anonymous

uf this cel of se rockzzzz . gt great lookz cool but lackz in few features like wlan and agps hope they would have had this feartures in it . but would love 2 own it without dose features missing rockzzzzz ;(

  • angel

please i will like to know if this phone w902 has a touch light in it. thanks for your support.