Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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  • harry

why are these phones always crashing?

  • aj

can i have it free??? i love it so much...bout i'm short of money....

  • brianz94

have this fone touch screen???

  • Sy49ie

ampm, 30 Nov 2008I just bought the phone...everyone who is talking about the phon... moreRelax man.. I am agree w/u.. By the way,.. I better like C905.. Almost Everything inside of W902 equipped in the C905, plus WiFi n 8mpix..

  • Anonymous

sam, 01 Dec 2008does this phone have good bluetooth?s it has bluetooth!!!

  • sam

does this phone have good bluetooth?

  • axel

look just cos u cant afford it dosent mean its a crap phone its awesome. Everything is so good bout it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Yup.. u can't bcoz u don't have guts to spend money on something nice

  • Mark Benson

Thats one ouv teh best phones i've ever seen. I can pay even more to get this cell phone. This is HOT......

  • jam

finally found something that is good enough to replace
my w810i. camera is good for what it's for (snaps),
sound is good, build is good

  • al

Anonymous, 30 Nov 2008does this phone have motion senor gaming like the one in w910 an... moreYes it does

  • Anonymous

does this phone have motion senor gaming like the one in w910 and w760? pls answer

  • ampm

I just bought the phone...everyone who is talking about the phone and dnt actalu have it SHUT UP...ITS AN AMAZING PHONE...the best sound quality...better than wifi...but phone i ever head...deserves its price

  • Unsa

It's light, it's solid (no sliding/open-closing), nice camera, nice phones (3.5mm jack adaptor included), it's definitely my kind of phone.

It's just not perfect for the lack of wifi experience and a high price.

I'll wait for next W to come, then I'll trade my W810i.

  • Pipi Mutti

how does it cost?
i think my wife could buy it
besitos a todos !

  • Anonymous

you can save more by buying a cheap 8 gb nano, the music quality is better. no 3.5 mm jack, too expensive.

  • Anonymous

it's not the best music phone without the 3.5 mm jack.

  • Shino03

I agree to all of you that this phone is so expensive but the price is worth it because it's one of the best music phone. Compare it with nokia's express music with so many noise. I also don't understand why all of you are so frustated that this phone doesn't even has a 3.5mm jack. It's just because this phone isn't really meant for it. SE want some advancement because they don't like their costumers to be frustrated of wires. It's already the 21st century and wireless earphones are
to replace those 3.5mm

  • Anonymous

SE designer people are living in another planet - its called the "no 3.5 mm jack walkman phone planet with stratospheric prices and very expensive M2 cards"

  • Anonymous

oh no! another SE walkman phone with no 3.5 mm jack and terribly overpriced. they have got to be kidding. buy a nano if you want music, its superb and with awesome battery life - while this new phone is - outrageously expensive. good thing SE is not listening to us. they think all phones labeled Walkman will sell automatically even with no 3.5 mm jack or a horrid price.