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  • Anonymous

outrageously expensive. in the minds of the SE designer boys we or you will chase and worship this phone because it has the walkman brand stamped on it. Well, times have changed and you have to do better than give us a phone with no 3.5 mm jack. I repeat this phone is lousy for me because it has no 3.5 mm jack and is stupidly expensive. if you want to be stupid too, buy this phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970and allowing SE fans to do the endless PR regardless of facts and figures. :)

This is for opinions. Plagiarizing (no quotes)is pretty low!

  • Dani

Available in Volcanic Black, Wine Red or Earth Green, the W902 is a 3G music phone with a classic "candy-bar" shape. The W9xx series of phones includes Sony Ericsson's premium Walkman phones, so we immediately have high expectations for the W902. We're going to view the W902 as the successor to our favourite Walkman phone ever - the W810i. The W810i was perfect. Even though it was fat and only had a 2 megapixel camera, for its time it was brilliant, and we want the W902 to be as good now as the W810i was back in 2006. But is it?

Well, the W902 looks quite a lot like the old W810i. It's a classic shape, with nice buttons and very easy-to-use Walkman controls. It's a bit bigger than most similar phones, but nice and slim, so we'll forgive that. It weighs 100g, which feels just right to us. When you've spent this much on a phone, you want one that feels solid, after all! The screen is good, although at 2.2 inches it isn't the biggest. But remember that this is a music phone first, so it's not about how it looks so much as how it sounds. Which brings us on to ...

... the W902's music player is the latest version of the Walkman player, and everything is here - you can play, rewind, fast forward, equalise, shuffle tracks and create playlists on the phone. There are eight equaliser presets. The FM radio with RDS shows which station you're tuned into, as well as the name and artist of the song playing. We're disappointed to find that the built-in memory is just 25 Mbytes, which is frankly mean. However, Sony Ericsson have been more generous in bundling an 8GB Memory Stick Micro card with the phone, which is enough to store roughly 2,000 MP3 tracks - more if encoded in AAC format. The audio quality is really excellent, as the W902 uses the latest generation of audio technology - Clear Bass & Clear Stereo - previously heard only on Sony Ericsson's flagship Walkman phone, the W980i. On top of this, the W902 comes with the premium HPM-77 headset supplied. This is an outstandingly good headset. The icing on the cake would have been a 3.5mm headset jack so that you could plug in any headphones of your choice, but hey - the HPM-77 is an excellent headset anyway and it's free with the phone!

There are plenty of other music-related features available. PlayNow™ lets you download games, ringtones and other content to your phone - although you have to pay for this content. TrackID™ identifies a song (track, artist & album information) from a few seconds recording. Shake Control lets you change music track by shaking the phone when you press the Walkman key. SensMe™ lets you create playlists based on tempo and mood. Flight mode lets you listen to music (or play games, etc) whilst the ability of the phone to make and receive calls is switched off.

Most Walkman phones compromise on the camera quality, but not the W902. The camera has a 5 megapixel sensor, autofocus and a flash. This is virtually up to the standard of the C902 Cyber-Shot phone, so there's really nothing to complain about at all here. As well as the autofocus and flash, there are a couple of photo gadgets to help you get the best possible photos. BestPic™ automatically takes 9 photos in rapid succession, so that you can choose the best one to keep. PhotoFix adjusts light balance and contrast after you have taken a picture to get the most natural looking result.

Another gadget that's included in the W902 is the Walk Mate step counter computer. This stays on all the time and counts how many steps you've taken during the day. You can monitor your daily activity and set targets. Just keep the phone in your pocket to keep counting. Did you know that 10,000 steps per day is the recommended target to stay fit? This is pretty hard for most people to achieve, so counting steps is a good way to motivate yourself to do more. Oh, sorry, are we starting to bore you? Back to the phone then.

The phone is pretty slimline as we mentioned earlier, so we're anticipating that the battery life won't be too amazing. If you're using 3G this might be the case, but switch to 2G and you'll have no problems at all. That may not be 100% satisfactory, but it's just the way that slimline 3G phones are. If you want a big battery, get a fat phone!

Connectivity options are Bluetooth and USB. There's no WiFi, so if that matters to you you should be looking at the Sony Ericsson C905 instead.

In conclusion, we really like the W902. It's a much better phone than the old W810i that we have such fond memories of, so if you're upgrading from an old Walkman, you can have confidence that this is a good one to choose. Why not 5 stars? Well, we wanted more memory and we think that the phone's pretty expensive. The memory problem is mostly overcome by the 8GB memory card included. The cost issue won't really apply to anyone buying on contract. So we're probably just being too fussy here. If you like the look of the phone, pretend that we rated it 5 stars and just get it!

  • Lian

no phone is this case, high price...but im loving this singapore, SE cut more than S$100 on this unit...

  • Anonymous

Aiikemii, 29 Nov 2008let me ask a question Is this a digital camera? No, it is just... moreYou asked a question and you did answered it :)))
- it is a sign of......... :))

But, you are incorrect. The W902 not only a phone but also a digital camera. Suppose to be a 5mp camera (phone).

You also pay for that feature. You pay big time.

This phone oes not offer Wifi, no GPS - nothing but the camera feature. And it is lousy.

So you pay over 400USD for what?
a phone with ha small screen?

If you want to waist your money that is fine.

The rest of us would like to get what we paid for.

  • Dani

3.5mm jack is on the adaptor! it has it!

  • Anonymous

SE here in singapore cut the price of this phone more than S$100...maybe they feel the heat...

anyway...ppl...quit crying about the "no 3.5mm" thingy...if you really want a complete media phone, which i remind you, I'm not a Nokia fan, go check out Nokia's will be my next phone...and btw... I never regret buying W902 :)

  • Aiikemii

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2008Yes, agree with most of the comments here: W902 is just too e... morelet me ask a question
Is this a digital camera? No, it is just a phone

  • Anonymous

if you can throw away money, buy this. if you are wise and don't need a separate player or netbook, go for the N85. i'm not a nokia fan boy, in fact i have several SE walkman phones but I just woke up and found that SE walkmans are obsolete dinos - no 3.5 mm jack while everybody else is giving us what we want in a music phone

  • Anonymous

go ahead SE bright design boys, don't put 3.5 mm jacks in your walkmans like all are doing and you will go bankrupt, you and your overpriced phones. for rich guys out there, buy this.

  • Anonymous

too expensive and overpriced. no 3.5 mm jack. forget it.

  • Anonymous

Yes, agree with most of the comments here:

W902 is just too expensive and has nothing special to offer.
Playing MP3 is just does not cut it anymore this kind of price range.

SE thinks we are fools?

The camera is lousy! The video is horrible.

The current price is 400-450 USD. (best available)

That is absolutely outrages.

No GPS, No Wifi, small screen!

When the price hit the 200-250 USD than .. may be.

But that time Omnia and others will be around 300-350 USD - much better deal!
(currently aroung 500-550 USD)

  • WinterSnow

360 eur and 400 eur which more expensive? y u all still say N85 more cheap?

N85 got many problem ... just go read N85 opinion den u will know ...

Cant say this very good ... no 3.5 mm jack and wifi, but N85 build got problem, rebooting ....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970anyhow u get a 3.5mm adapter. quit crying ppl

  • Anonymous

also to anyone saying this phone is "boring looking"... why? because it doesn't slide, flip, open, etc. all over the place? if u can't figure it out... here let me help u idiots: the more sliding, flipping, opening a phone does the faster shit will break. go over and read some n85 reviews, or here let me help u:

"Build quality not the best. After a few days use, top part of slide becomes wobbly."

guess what, this doesn't happen to a candybar style phone because they're one solid piece. yeah nothing opens, but then nothing breaks either. my w810 has lasted me 2 years now, and still functions perfectly.

  • plong

what!!?? no 3.5 mm jack again? what is wrong with the SE design boys?

  • Anonymous

too expensive no 3.5 mm jack

  • Anonymous

too expensive and no 3.5 mm jack

  • Josh

hahahahah i get this phone for free because my dads on a contract and he hes a new phone every 2 years so he is getting this for me i also got the iphone 3g 16 gigs it sucks soooo bd no blue tooth cmon what was apple thinking. im getting this phone in lke 2 days

  • Lian

Personally, I really think its an overpriced phone, I only get this phone because my carrier offers a nice deal and I have some voucher to compensate the unreasonable price...

other than that (and no 3.5mm jack) the phone is perfect...