Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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  • Anonymous

this thing is overpriced

  • Anonymous

Too expensive

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2008Perfect phone!looks like a smart phone

  • PTB

Does it have a light??????????????

  • blak

anyone here who uses both w760 and w902... can u comment on ur experiences and comparison on both f them

  • ip

kevibeni, 26 Nov 2008...really not worth the money (US$400+), IMO...If its not worth don’t by it and cry !

  • Anonymous

iceman, 26 Nov 2008SE is in the stone age. No 3.5 mm jack, no wi-fi expensive ... morePerfect phone!

  • ip

iceman, 26 Nov 2008Don't buy this. Very expensive, same old phone. Better buy ... moreHi Iceman now you are melting……………

I knew what Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia can do. Motorola and Nokia are the biggest losers in the industry.

Sony Ericsson can demand and up their unit price…Because,

Sony Ericsson sold 25.7 Million units in Q3 2008 …………………
SE sold more than 20 Million for Q4 2008 …………………
SE sound quality and picture quality is really well (Cant compare with poor Nokia and Motorola phones)………………
SE phones very thin (Not like bulky N series)………………
Sony Ericsson pushed down the Motorola and become third largest mobile maker……
Nokia highly loosing its market share…………………
Motorola sales highly going down……………………
Nokia 16M color really poor than SE 256K displays…………………

World Best Mobile makers: SE, Samsung, LG
World best losers: Nokia & Motorola

SE unit price 140$ and Nokia unit price is 70$(SE unit price increasing and Nokia unit price going down)

Hi Mobile reviews, don’t compare great SE with poor Nokia and Motorola. If you need to compare Great SE phones, then do with Samsung and LG.

Go for SE, Samsung and LG phones for best successor………………

  • kevibeni

...really not worth the money (US$400+), IMO...

  • coolkai

damn phone.....2 expensive!!!!!!!!!nothing special at all oso can be so exepnsive...
people who buy tis phone is c2p......

  • Anonymous

i know iceman. dont believe in him.. he is a nokia salesman in a mall.

  • Anonymous

good one... if this fon has wifi..its alrady perfect. bt since i hav a laptop buy this one

  • iceman


The Sony Ericsson W902 is no revelation in terms of its calling features: it's got a solid vibro alert and perhaps overly loud ring tones, which still make it a decent performer on this front. The reception quality was nothing to complain about, and the microphone quality was more than satisfactory.

The Sony Ericsson W902 retails for around 400 Euro (in most European regions), and it seems Sony Ericsson themselves have done everything possible to prevent it from going into the mainstream by setting exorbitant wholesale prices. Truly, while it’s available for 520-550 Euros in Russia, all local distributors get it from Sony Ericsson for 342 Euros (VAT excluded), meaning that there little to no wiggle room for them at all. Furthermore, it falls into a higher price-bracket than most of its rivals, and ends up one on one with the Nokia N85.

Again, I do feel bad about putting the W902 up against the Nokia N85 – it simply can’t stand comparison with this top-of-the-line slider phone that retails at the same price point, comes with the same memory card in the box and sports quite decent materials at that. As far as candybar-shaped phones go, the ZN5 won’t just as popular, although it features superior audio quality, more advanced imaging department and WiFi connectivity. At the end of the day, the only things going for the Sony Ericsson W902 are its quirky design and brand name – there are no other strengths that would justify its 400 Euro price tag. What is worse, local retailers get insufficient supplies of the phone, while having to distribute it with miniscule profit margins.

So, what our bottom line is going to be? The W902 is a likable and functional solution without any bells and whistles, yet positioned as a top-of-the-line do-it-all phone. Interestingly, even the market’s leading manufacturer, Nokia, can’t afford these games and prefers to offer really balanced and interesting handsets in this price bracket. The most fair price point for the W902 would be 330-340 Euros for European countries and 400-430 Euros for Russia, which is pretty much what Sony Ericsson’s wholesale prices are these days (although the wholesale price for Europe is significantly lower). The reason why it’s so overprice is simple – they are trying to offset all missteps and losses in Russia they have made in 2007 and 2008.

On balance, the W902 doesn’t have any glaring drawbacks. If you find it likable and at the same time ready to pay 20-30 percent on top of its real price for, basically, nothing – then it’s worth looking at. But for all people in the know there is a slew of other more able and significantly cheaper solutions.

On the bright side, Sony Ericsson have already launched PlayNowPlus service in Sweden, which is an all-you-can-eat music download service for the W902, and, essentially, their only chance to keep it afloat, as even local carriers aren’t particularly enthusiastic about it. If anything, we haven’t mentioned the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in this write-up yet, however, with its commercial release scheduled for December it will deliver a knock-out blow to a whole array of phones out there, including the Sony Ericsson W902. Unfortunately, Sony Ericsson have long forgotten the meaning of such words as “innovation” and “price/quality ratio”, and those who still can’t agree should wait and see how the market reacts to their carelessness.

  • iceman

Don't buy this. Very expensive, same old phone. Better buy an IPOD nano if you really want music. The Nokia N85 is better.

  • iceman

SE is in the stone age. No 3.5 mm jack, no wi-fi expensive M2 card. Dumb ideas, obsolete SE designers.

  • iceman

You are paying only for the Walkman brand. The price is robbery.

  • iceman

No 3.5 mm jack, this is stupidity.

  • iceman

SE phones like this one are overpriced, way too expensive. You people with money to burn, buy it, for the rest of us it's the Nokia N85 at the samme price with tons more of features.

  • SE Fan

is this phone better than W760i in terms of built in speaker quality and earphones quality??..

w902 is way better in cam quality.. but wanna know about the sound quality and battery!!

  • Dani

wiel, 24 Nov 2008The back cover shakes a lot. too much....Shake Control