Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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  • rj

Ovilash, 22 Nov 2008How long I could video and preserve still picture?Could the camera in this phone zoom when taking photos at 5 megapix mode?pls answer,thanks

  • coolkai

really dun like tis phone....better buy c905!!!!! the price between tis w902 & c905 only no same little big...not fare!!!!!!!!!c905 is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth

ZeroX, 23 Nov 2008Pls answer my quest at my email. Scr0l d0wn. C0z i want t0 ... morew705 has no camera flash but w902 does so I'm going for the w902

  • cool

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970its up to u both phones.then compare the performance.u will get ur ans.i think u r the person who gos for price not for the real value.

  • wiel

The back cover shakes a lot. too much....

  • paul Tomlinson store

i think this is a brillenant phone from sony ericsson. the 5mp cam is to die for and video is top nock as well. its thin, sleek and stylish ni think this is one of the best sony walkman phone that they have brought out in a while. quick music keys on the side make it even easy to play your tunes. well done sony ericsson.....i love my w902.

  • cool

fully unrelevent price tag.y its so expensive??
except music performance,nothing impressive at 6220 c is strongly better then this 1 considering specifications nd price.

  • WinterSnow

sathish sony, 23 Nov 2008good in allCamera normal? the 1st 5 mp camera on walkman with normal flash ( better than dun have). Which walkman series got camera better than this?

  • Dani

I Love this W902, i might get it - I reckon it is SE's Best-Selling Phone...

Best all-in-one

  • Anonymous

uses of bass and stereo widening:

Turn stereo widening off and turn equalizer to voice mode when your playing your music on loud speakers. this would have the best result since the phones loud speakers do not have good bass...

turn the stereo widening on when using a headset and turn the equalizer on bass mode since the headset has a very good speakers....

  • sathish sony

good in all

  • coolkai

y this phone so expensive normal, no WIFI, no gps, and many more.....!!!!

  • Quik

Do we have to turn on the stereo widening if we want to activate the clear audio

  • Lian

Yes you can watch youtube...

  • ZeroX

Pls answer my quest at my email. Scr0l d0wn. C0z i want t0 buy this ph0ne but im h0lding back f0r s0me reas0n.. I want t0 buy ph0ne tht satisfy all. Anyway, my email is Pls answer... I want t0 compare w705 and this w902.. Ill be mad jus t0 ch0ose...

  • ZeroX

Dude, can i watch youtube 0n this ph0ne? If it cam, ill buy...

  • Ovilash

Hesham, 19 Nov 2008is there any one have a problem with the cam or sound? w... moreHow long I could video and preserve still picture?

  • Lian

yeah phone mem is its main disavantage, for me, this is because it can't handle some application very well. When trying to open a video through media player, the video became terribly unsynchronized...

  • SE fan

yep the usb adapter is in the package and its quite neat! i use that to transfer files from my laptop cuz its way faster and more stable that the cable -_-
stereo widening helps to project the sound "behind you" in a sense...without stereo widening the sound is more "controlled" and centralised...try it with a gd pair of earphones with not much bg noise and u'll easily hear the difference...
its speaker sound is truly loud and the quality is gd! clarity of the treble and bass has much been improved... but strange thing is that if its facing down on a book or a wooden table, i wasnt able to hear an incoming call...the sound seemed to haf been covered totally by watever the phn was lying on...prob an unforeseen setback...
it truly is a masterpiece for its size...but not totally perfect...the 8gb kinda lags the overall s/w but i must commend on the new features
eg. u can directly mark contacts that u want to sms frm the list of nbrs that u recently msg instead of gg to contacts, clicking options and then click mark several and then u start marking...
now its just scroll down "mark mark mark"
quite cool imo

  • SE fan

sound is great but not with the default earphones.
problems im having so far is with the phn memory...
ur list of custom words (short forms etc) gets exhausted easily and u'd haf to retype words that u've entered b4 cuz thr isnt enuf space to contain all of it (only 25mb)
flash isnt as great as k810 and doesnt seem to haf red eye function...
and they STILL hvn come up with the "insert contact" function while ur typing an sms and u wanto send a nbr to another fren...ugh~