Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902

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  • gizmo

Shut, 18 Nov 2008come on dude,...where u seen wifi,gps,.....if u wanna mobile pho... moredude, check the C905

have a nice day

  • begginner

I want a masterpiece..:(
All in 1.

  • nic

what the price of G900,W902,C902 in m'sia.& Which better in listening music & caputer picture? & can use for wholelife.

  • Quik

For all of the W902 users, i wanna ask, which one do you prefer when listening music, with the stereo widening or without?

  • neil

k750 successor? i hope so..just hope the screen is flush and has torch app..We need review

  • Grant Cain

Gettin it in 3wks wen contract up,all this under 100grms?A masterpiece & think its k750i upgrade

  • lauren

seriously well done s/e walkman & cybershot.all I want is vga video record xx to s/e

  • sameera

its cost on kuwait 700US

  • Samera

Wow this phone is very nice,camera is good.And Hands free sound quality is V.good And Loud.....My Friend Have 1...thats y i know

  • kenny

mr. annonymous, where did you bough the w902 phone? and how much approximately?

  • Anonymous

wen r they makin a review 4 this fon? cos i'm tinkin of buyin it. an cn sum1 tel me how loud the speaker is?

  • bren

its available here in baguio for 25k 1 year warrantry..whoosssss to expensive

  • Jave

faisal_hasib_BD, 17 Nov 2008any one can say me how much it will cost????? plzzzzzzzz It's out in Singapore already and the price selling here is as follow:

No-Line: S$708 (The Cheapest i seen)

  • Eldamri

hi guys!! would like to know if we can still drag n drop mp3 files to the phone using file transfer mode: cause someone mentioned we need to use the software to transfer files: i have a w810i hope it's still the same =) thanks in advanced

  • Anonymous

hey guys...can i use a song from my music library and apply it as a ringtone direct from the phone..or would i have to use some sort of software to do so ?????

  • Lina

**** somebody plz Let me Know ***

Is USB Adaptor For Memory Stick In The Box Sale?
And what About 8Gb memory!?

  • Hesham

is there any one have a problem with the cam or sound?

wait your feed back

  • Anonymous

HeY . . . . i JsT b0uGhT DiX SeT . . . AnD i TeLl YeW iTx 0uTrAgE0uX !!!! :) m enJoIN UxIN iT !!!!!

  • angel

thanks dani


  • Dani

angel, 18 Nov 2008cause, i used to use nokia.. so, this is the first time to us... moreIts 'Data Storage Mode' or 'Media Transfer'

then you just simple copy paste the files across

and NO software needs to be installed.