Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

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  • linda

no, it`s not much like as razr, z200 has such buttons. i`d like to see in the features the word gps...i don`t like it so smooth-it will be always in finger-marks... there`s no need in flash-it has 8gb!i like it, anyway, but if...inside it would be more like z780 and with gps...i will buy it anyway

  • Wol

@ Chris - Because the phone isn't released just yet, just read the specs section and it will explain everything.

  • musashi

The most interesting of this fone is "internal fm antenna", i assumed fone did not need headset when we play fm radio, is it?

  • chris

does the front of the phone scratch easily and how come its gonna take so long before this phone comes out in australia???

  • Anonymous

yeah you're right.
the keys around the d-pad is quite not good.
the numeric keys are forgivable though.

  • eternal_wind

hmm... i'm a little bit worried about that on/off button location...

i mean it can easlly pressed accidently...

  • wertz

its make is wonderful...very innovative....but lack of WI-FI....y doesnt it have that in handy?....

  • z

y people want a flash in a mp3 phone?

  • Bimbo Boy

Was it too difficult to give it a flash ? For me no flash, no buy. Sorry because it looks great.

  • Aqee

i luv all the specs & its has internal memory not a card slot. i'm sure its not a gud thing when this beauty started to hang n turn off itself.

  • Anonymous

I seriously want this phone haha

Does the front of phone easily scratch? I have Z610i but sadly it DOES easily scratch...I love Z610i but for some reason I want to change my phone already. Good thing I waited since I've always wanted W580... haha;;

  • Fuji

Super cool combination of design and features, but can't be a style statement.

  • Anonymous

i love it!

  • Anonymous

I want a cybershot fone with this form.

  • Anonymous

it has shake control.

so does the walkman button needed to be pressed when the phone is closed??

  • Anonymous

sony ericsson w980.
best flip-flop phone ever.

razr2 v8, n76?
those were so last century.

  • z

y need a OS for this phone? this phone are used for stylish and music..OS are only for those touchie touchie phone..

  • Anonymous

walkman phones are not cyber-shot phones.
this is the best flip-flop phone ever.
i love the way the outer touch sensitive keys changes their illumination

  • Anonymous

I hope SE would add "OS Symbian" for this beautiful phone W980

  • Anonymous

i think it's the coolest phone from SE ever...