Sony Ericsson W980

Sony Ericsson W980

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  • clownic

it's a razor or a shaking walkman fone, but nice desgn anyway!

  • z

its a flip phonE!!!

  • baby milo

wats the different with w960

  • Popocatepetl

ELIAS will n e v e r have this mobile!!!!!!!


  • rashid

OH My! i cannnnnnnnnt waittt!!!! i will but this i will buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy this!!!

  • Anonymous

it is sick bruv se needs to add flash in it. they should also add os

  • k

TSTq : Please take a good look at the specifications of W960 and W980


waw! this is aperfect phone!!! job well done se!

  • jabe

cant wait to have this phone!!!

  • masterchief

Does the camera have a flash.Somehow SE is forgetting to it include a flash in the camera in its walkman series which might lead to its downfall

  • Anonymous

Is very cool. I need this.

  • sonyericssonprevials

Rm1800++?? tink again...the W960 is already 2000 plus..dis might hv an initial price of Rm2,500! get ready ur pockets!haha


just looking on our site and it states that this is splash & dust resistant to more worries!!!

  • Djoka

This phone is just marvelous,the design is story for it's self,and I believe that the sound he delievers will be as good as he's a "must have" phone...just waiting to see the price...

  • Walkplanet

Elvis,Beatles,Hendrix,Eagles,BeeGees,Wham,Scorpions,Pink floyd,Guns n Roses,Metallica,Marley,Nirvana,Charlatans,Linkin Park,Coldplay,Maroon five,Creed and more .......on MY future phone,the W980!

  • Anonymous

I hope they would add OS symbian for this phone and a flash too...

  • Walktribe

The FM transmistter ,very nice ,very useful, very innovative.......

  • nantia!

it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am looking forward to buy it!!!!
it has everything which a mobile phone has to have!
i recommend!listen to me i know many things about mobiles phones and the useful,necessary specifications!!!!

  • Anonymous

the design is so elegant...

  • Anonymous

Hey i am waiting for the release of this looks great!!!and it has every thing i want a big screen,flap,memoray,and its a music phone etc...just waiting to know d price..