Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

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  • Iggy88

I think S stands for Stupid here. I can't believe how SE can make an exactly the same phone as Arc with just a little better CPU and 2.3.4 version of Android which is coming to Arc anyway. I mean at least when it comes to Iphone 3GS was a bigger leap from 3G including better CPU, GPU, more RAM, better camera and more functionality in the OS.

This is the worst "upgrade" of the same phone model I have seen in a while. Don't get me wrong, I like the Arc, it's a cool phone but I expected more from SE. At least improve the camera or include full HD video recording now that the CPU is faster and could maybe handle it.

For someone who hasn't got Arc yet and was planing to get it anyway this is a good buy but generally speaking this is a FAIL of a phone.

  • mojtaba

whay do it beter
Internal:320 MB storage, 512 MB RAM must 1g ram

CPU 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255T Snapdragon use beter Gpu

no avi divx suport

solve this not just SPU

  • redleb

I would have preferred the upgrade to be on the RAM and ROM and not the CPU,I have been using arc for almost 4 months,no space anymore for additional apps,plus lag is increasing by time especially on thread messages.Would have be a flawless device if those 2 were at top.

  • sam

why 512ram why and why battery so week 1500mah?? 2nd cam?only 1500mah atleast it should be 2000mah

  • So Co.

They changed only the processor????
That's all???
- no secondary camera for video calls
- more RAM

  • AnonD-19953

1500 mAh??? WTF?

  • AnonD-13321

This is just wrong. That update doesn't bring USB OTG functionality. It requires a live dock. USB OTG is a hardware thing, you can't just add it to the feature set with an update.

  • Anonymous

thats grate

  • greek

no second camera !!!! why??? 512 ram? why?

  • Anonymous

Pointless, as usual.

  • mustu rajkot

why 512ram why and why battery so week 1500mah??....

  • recoy2002

Always love SE.. this little machine is a masterpiece... graet job SE...

  • Anonymous

no secondary camera. all the same except the processor from 1ghz to 1.4ghz. 'S' stand for speed just like iphone 3G to 3GS. S for speed. cheers

  • gratitude

is there is differ berween arc and arc s?
and why the ram is still 512mb?
i though it could be 786 or 1gb somwhat

  • utnb

wat abt secnd cam ?

  • Anonymous

this is my fone ;)

  • AnonD-7484

so strong, Secondary camera, gr8 Job SE

  • AnonD-6854

Nice Nice!...everything is same except for processor,battery nd camera!


Why are they still upgrading new phones with just one thing?? Better processor but what about battery or RAM...
It's weird tactic

And I dont like that black frame around the display..

  • AnonD-214

Too bad los... single core only