Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

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  • Sunny-chan

What, is this some kind of a bad joke? The only thing that's different from the original arc is the CPU which runs at 1.4GHz. I already got my arc running at 1.9GHz for benchmarking purpose though, and am on max 1.2GHz on daily usage. I don't see a reason of existence of this copy :/ Is SE going to follow (the bad steps of) Samsung? :/

  • phone maniac

Cannot be considered as an worthy upgrade from the original Xperia Arc unless there is an addition of a secondary video-call camera. Video calling from skype has been available for the Xperia Play,Neo,Mini Pro,Pro and Ray. However, it is not available for the Xperia Arc (even as a flagship!) due to the lack of a secondary video-call camera. A speed bump wont mean much if the GPU is still the same old adreno 205 either. And i believe the original Xperia Arc user (like me) has experienced lags here and there due to the insufficient USER AVAILABLE RAM. Therefore there should be a bump in the RAM as well.

It looks fantastic in white. They added a 1.4 GHZ CPU. This sounds good. You are working so hard SE, I appreciate it!! :)

  • Scholas

Why does the memory internal still small 320 MB ...? while other competitors (approximately at the same price)have GB digit storage :(

  • Peter

and still 320mb of internal memory ?! C'mon !! It's 2011 !

  • AnonD-4661

I like it :) but battery only 1500 mah ?

  • AnonD-2075

Come'n SE!!!!