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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • nima

hi there,
does anyone know if update my Xperia X1 from sonyericsson official website,will the OS be Windows mobile 6.5 or not yet???

thanks in advance.

  • ShaanKaleem

noob, 15 Jul 2009do u know a link where we can get those apps?Hai Noob.

Below is the URL.
U can find some good stuff for x1.

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  • noob

Sam, 14 Jul 2009X1 is a better option any day...Heard N97 is havin some software... moredo u know a link where we can get those apps?

  • Golden

MJ_Fan, 13 Jul 2009The best price I could find for Xperia X1 was 300$ in US but I'm... moreI'm happy for you bro.

  • Natalia

My want to purchase this X1, but have two minds on which colour the black or silver, any recommendation from current users?

  • B*J

Hey guyz.i own both nokia n97 and SE x1 .one is symbian king another is windows mobile beast. note that none of the cell phone company makes the perfect cell phone.its kinda politics. coz if all the function is in the same pone than who will buy the others. if you need a perfect phone then invent one.HA HA HA HA HA. B*J

  • Sam

X1 is a better option any day...Heard N97 is havin some software issues...also it have limited support for software expandability...the UI still needs time to get mature...while X1 is windows based and have lots of apps available.


hey guy can you help me to buy a better handset?tell me which 1 is best se xperia or nokia n97? i am working with stock exchange and bore to carry with my lap, can you tell me which 1 will similar like lap.can i install exe. file in se xperia. i need you help soon.thank you.

  • X-dawg

Well done X1, more hits than the nokia n96. Lovin' it

  • babak

this phone is very expencive in iran.550s

  • MJ_Fan

The best price I could find for Xperia X1 was 300$ in US but I'm not sure if it is X1a or X1i bcz i live in Europe & i need the "i" one...Anyway this is the no. 1 smartphone on this site and it was released in sept 08 so haters do the math,this phone still rocks the charts! I'm gettin mine in 2 says,wish me luck.

  • Golden Eagle

PHONE FREAK, 12 Jul 2009Well it really sucks for you guys who had to buy this phone for ... moreHi Phone Freak. Where on earth did you get your Xperia for that price?

  • MissMidani

Everyone, i bought an xperia just last week, and i love it. The major reason why i bought this phone was for Wi-Fi and the qwerty keyboard. The thing is i found that the Wi-Fi is really bad compared to Nokia E71. When comparing the WIFI of the Nokia E71 and the Xperia, in the same room the Nokia E1 has 2 bars from 3 bars and my Xperia from 4 bars it has 1 bar and the connection is intermittent. :(

  • Sean F

I had a HTC S620 & a SE P990i. Now I have a Samsung Omnia and the xperia. With the HTC being a 1st gen Winmo for the masses phone I was super impressed and loved it. I did not need touch screen and still dont but love the qwerty keypad(I need this.) The downfall to the P990 was that out the box it was slow while the HTC was fast but SE's backup and support over the two years of ownership proved the difference as the P990 is now faster than the s620. My S620 was stolen and I needed another office phone so I got the Samsung omnia andand SE xperia which I thought was going to move the game on alot. Alas this was not the case with the SE xperia. It has losts it's BCR software which I use alot and the wayfinder navigation is poor compared to the bundled Samsung Garmin. Otherwise it just does what is says on the box, no real surprises. Quality appears good at first but go for the silver and not the black. I opted for a black xperia which was a big mistake as the backplate colour was already worn off after only one week with it in my jeans!!!. The qwerty is brilliant though and it is a good phone. The Omnia was the black horse for me as I dont have good experiences of Samsung quality, with many phones breaking and failing around me. However the omnia as a package is fantastic and does bring something new to the table with excellent BCR Software and a 5mp camera giving you accurate recording of cards etc. The camera is fantastic for a phone. The Garmin GPS bundle works just like a garmin should far superior to wayfinder and while there is no physical qwerty but a touch screen qwerty this is not to bad, just not as accurate. All in all for the money I think the Omnia has more of what we use and need while the SE xperia is more flashy and less usefull. Just my personal Xperiance lol. I do however think that with a bit of updates for the Xperia and loading the correct bundles it will be a great phone, beware though loading of 3rd party apps voids factory backup.

  • Preeam

The best rockin phone over a year. I wonder why sum ppl think nokia.Even the damn N-series ain no match for any of the SE features

  • blitz

GPS has expiration... But install a new one with no expiration like tomtom, garmin..lots of free maps too.. try to google.. I am using garmin xt mobile..

  • bab

dont talk any more anonymous.ok kid.
which one is better????????? nokia 1100 or x1

  • dellz

very fantastic


Mhooker, 09 Jul 2009You guys bought and actually wanted a $700.00 phone? Well it really sucks for you guys who had to buy this phone for 700$. Be like me and search around. I got it for 149.99$ unlocked and brand spanking new. Ha ha =]

  • ashisroych

chona, 10 Jul 2009thousand of awesome free applications for xperia here the links:... moreThank you Chona. I have my application there.
Thank you very much.