Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Andre

I got this phone, must say it is my best phone yet, very good looks, nice qwerty keyboard and it feel if you are working with something durable, elegant and solid. Battery lasts very good, it should, the battery is about as big as the phone. Connectivity is great. I have looked and compare a few phones and must say this one was the best. If you do not believe me check the rankings.

  • Anonymous

To set a downloaded tune as a ringtone go into programs, file explorer, then find the tune you want as your ringtone hold the curser on it and you should be able to set it as a ringtone from there

hope it helps

  • ben

dolapo, 29 Apr 2009I need to be educated on how to use music downloaded to my phone... more need to go to file manager select the mp3 you want hold down with the stylus till a side menu pops up and select "set as ring tone"

  • Anonymous

When Lars Aronsson bought his first Windows Mobile device, the Xperia X1 last year he did not know much about the OS.  A steep learning curve later he can rightfully be called an expert user.
Unlike most however he went to great effort to document his knowledge, resulting in the publication of the “Little Guide to Windows Mobile”, an extremely comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your Windows Mobile smartphone, especially but not confined to it being an Xperia X1.
If you just bought a new Windows Mobile smartphone it may be worth giving this page a read even before you unbox your device, so you will be well equipped to smooth over any rough patches and customize the device exactly to your liking.
See the Little Guide to Windows Mobile here.

  • dolapo

I need to be educated on how to use music downloaded to my phone as ring tones.

Kindly assist

  • riCkY

i love this phone., if only I have enough to buy one... still have to wait after 2 years to save that amount.

  • Anonymous

Xperia X1s have been leaping from the shelves here in London, there have been many shortages, so in what way is the X1 a failure? I have to say I totally love mine, after applying a few tweaks my xperia is such a fast, powerful little device. I prefer the superb WVGA resolution screen, 3.5 mm audio jack, touch sensitive scroller and Xperia panels to the mundane VGA res, usb etc sported on the touch pro.

  • ben

i got this phone 2 month ago from using normal phone to windows i found very hard to get on with but once i got use to it and got know most of the functions i found it very 2 use i will say that it can be abit slow sometimes witch is frustrating and some of the paint on the buttons has rubbed off but a great phone

  • Medo

I bought this mobile since two month. I owned Nokia and Samsung mobiles for year. The X1 is the most powerfull and charmfull mobile I ever have.

  • Qbus

Hi. It looks for very nice phone but I think inside this is HTC manufactorer, it takes even microSD memory cards. Little heavy male phone but its not a disadvantage.

  • nima

hi there,
I suggest that everybody who has the X1 find and download resco explorer it is very very useful and high speed application, with this application you edit your registry or send several files via blue tooth and etc.....,

best wishes!

  • mohamed said

realy it is ok for sony ericsson Especially after loss Awareness time . welcome sony ericsson again , i like sony ericsson (

  • mohamed said

realy it is ok for sony ericsson Especially after loss Awareness time . welcome sony ericsson again , i like sony ericsson

  • Stangs

hercules, 27 Apr 2009thuis phone has a really bad battery life.The battery life is only bad if you keep playing with it, the same is true with all other phones. Stand-by time in its' trueist sense means that it's sitting around waiting to be used for calls.

  • hercules

thuis phone has a really bad battery life.

  • China Boy

Hi All,

I have found the software to read the Chinese character in SE Xperia X1. In case if someone wants contact me in .

It is absolutely free and it can only read Chinese character but cannot write.

Best regards.

  • China Boy

James, 24 Dec 2008Can anyone teach me how and where to download chinese software i... moreHi James, Did u find the solution?
If yes please help me out I only want to read the chinese character in this phone.

  • China Boy

Hello Friends,

I have bought this phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia X1) this week but its a English version WM6. I want to read Chinese character in this phone can someone help me out please.
Is there any software to increase the speaker sound. Its too low.

Best Regards.

  • Drama

Has anybody used the new Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 on their X1 yet?

  • mobilemaster

nima, 26 Apr 2009hi there, please help me how can i beam(send)several(more than ... moretry resco explorer