Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

AxE-mAn, 07 Feb 2009I really feel this is the best WinMo phone ever. If you are thin... more100% agree

  • Anonymous

WM 2003 was a joke, WM5 was a tad slow but WM6.1 is UBER stable. Symbians OS is unreliable and inevitably the user suffers from random reboots.

  • AxE-mAn

I really feel this is the best WinMo phone ever. If you are thinking of buying one, stop thinking and just get it. It's really awesome!!!

Proud owner of the X1!!!! :)

  • Talib

I just experieced the phone yesterday and I think that the phone is very small in size and its key are small too.

  • Anonymous

Serg, 07 Feb 2009This phone cost me $800 in Dec.2008 and I gota to say its great.... more100%agree
i had x1 also

  • Serg

This phone cost me $800 in Dec.2008 and I gota to say its great. Certainly the most advanced phone on market today. But I'll be honest that if you get this phone dont expect it to be just like iPhone, because its different, its original purpose was to be a highly productive business phone, and it certainly succeed. But if you looking at this phone just for media purposes, then you won't exactly like it. It is just works a bit more complicated and as my first Windows Mobile it took time to get use too comparing to iPhone, but once you do, it is great. The phone comes with very nice features build in, gota love the 3.2MP camera, wonderful. It does come with very few panels and media content to tell truth so all u gota do is just spend a bit time downloading mobile content you like of web pages to make up for it. Software support for Windows Mobile 6 is enormous and easily beats iphone gadgets. U can even get things like TouchFLO3D software on your Xperia thats found on HTC Diamond and HD.
The only problems I really had were:
1. The original firmware it came with was buggy and lagged but SE had an update for all related problems and its much better and significantly faster now.
2. I had to spend some time on Xperia webs to get all the Media content to satisfy my needs
3. $800 price tag the first month it came out but now u can pick it for $600-$700.
CONCLUSION: Phone is very great certainly most advanced phone I ever owned even when compared to iPhone. This phone has a lot of functionality/ software potential even against phones that will come out in 2009 and 2010. To make it an iPhone killer all it takes is just download the latest features and gadgets available online for Xperia, and update your firmware unless your phone already comes with new firmware version.

  • indra

Hackley, 07 Feb 2009Hey you chaps,don't get all worked up, no reason for that. The t... moreoohh.. i see that Windows mobile is made by HTC not microsoft and all phones which use WM OS is made by HTC...hahaha...

tell me where and what things on x1 is made by HTC?

SE has great image of media player and camera like their walkman and cybershoot even no phone of HTC has VGA video.oh x1 uses WVGA resolution screen first before the HTC HD, does it mean HTC HD is made by SE coz HTC HD use WVGA screen like X1?

Stupid comments!!!

  • miranda

GiAgO, 06 Feb 2009Man i dunno wot's with ur battery but It's the best in it. Has 1... moredid u buy it on pay as u go or contract as i want it on pay and go on 02 if u happen to no if they do it thanks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2009HTC are powering on but can you honestly say the same about nok... moreAn OS for phone doesn't need to be very 'capable' it needs very reliability. If you were a manager whose phone call is making the decision of his own and his employees future, then you wouldn't want phone resets.

  • Anonymous

Hackley, 07 Feb 2009Hey you chaps,don't get all worked up, no reason for that. The t... moreYou contradict yourself; you say that SE devices are bad and HTC are good; but HTC manufactures the phones and rebrands its phones for Google, SE logos and so on.

  • Fish Lover

OMG this phone totally has this thing where you can play with fishes. U can poke them and they swim away. Totes amazing. (L) Fishes.

  • Anonymous

Hackley, 07 Feb 2009Hey you chaps,don't get all worked up, no reason for that. The t... moreHTC are powering on but can you honestly say the same about nokia? They seem to be going nowhere especially with the N97,which is a remake of a 2year old HTC but with a less capable OS.

  • Hackley

Hey you chaps,don't get all worked up, no reason for that. The thing is, this phone is not a SE device at all ! Is made by HTc and branded by SE. Actually SE don't even have a licence to use Windows Mobile ! Htc and SE will soon part ways because Htc does not want to be connected to SE anymore. Poor sales and bad SE manufacturing are real issues which have lead to losses. SE has dropped to fifth place now and plays a lesser role in mobile manufacturing. Few people know but most of the SE cheap devices are made in partnership with Sagem. Htc has other, more recent, windows mobile devices out there. Please go have a look under the 'HTC' heading. While SE, Alcatel, Sagem, etc. make nice cells, they are not in the same league as HTC, NOKIA and SAMSUNG ! SE clearly lives on past glory and some experts are not surprised to see Ericsson pulling out altogether sooner rather then later.

  • indra

Hi bro!!

i have a good news for X1 owner

now iam using Bell UI on X1..WOW it is better than 3D touch floo for must watch this :­re=PlayList&p=3AED4DAE92B927D3&playnext=1&index=­37

this bell UI works on x1 perfectly too

if you want to install it,here :

enjoy it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970why do you have it so difficult to understand that Xperias screen looks way better than your 5800 XM because of the WVGA screen which offers much more than your QVGA. and about the 65k screen, why cant you understand that WINMO dont support more colors even if you put 100 milion colors. But again XPERIA X1 HAS THE BEST SCREEN AND GOOGLE IT IF YOU DONT BELIEVE ME.

  • Anonymous

Switch, 06 Feb 2009 X1 dont even have a chance against phones lyk samsung i8910 and... morer u sure? check the ratings b4 u talk ill about the x1.5800 is 8.5 while this is 8.7 or do u need glasses?

  • zia

Is it true that X1 has huge issues with the quality of the plastic... according xda-developers, lot of cracks reported after couple of weeks especialy on the silver one?

  • Ray UK

Switch, 06 Feb 2009I dnt knw why sony do such a laozy mistakes... Just luk at this... moreSwitch,

First of all it's spelt "lousy", not "laozy". So the first suggestion is to go back to pre-school and get your English right. That's before you comment on which phone is good, and which is not.

I'm not a fan of Sony Ericsson, or of Nokia, or of Samsung. I just like a phone for what it can do. There are limitations of iPhone, so in my opinion it's not that good. But I dont say it's crap. It just doesn't suit my needs. Same with Omnia, which was what I was shopping for before I got my X1 about a month back.

So anyway, what you talking about? Poor battery life? Only 65k colour screen? Do you not even think it might be useful to read the messages people have posted here in the last couple of days? In fact, about the battery life, I posted a message just a few hours back saying that it's a 1500mAh battery and I've yet to see any other phone with a battery capacity which is similar, let alone better than this. If you know of any, lemme know too.

If you are making comments, make them when you are well informed. You have not even seen this phone for real, let alone own it (and I agree the price is a bit steep for many). So all your comments are pretty baseless.

My other suggestion to you... Please do us all a favour and yourself a favour - Don't buy the X1. Buy a Nokia, any Nokia. Please!

Ray UK

  • Anonymous

Weird, I've not encountered any of the problems such as those with bluetooth, WiFi etc. The reception radio on my xperia is very strong. I've had FAR less dropped calls with X1 than with my good old N95 8GB. Small letters? Perhaps you need glasses, I have no problems and besides you can change font size. Slow? I think it feels really FAST, puts my other smartphones to shame. Maybe you people have received bad units or need to upgrade firmware. The qwerty keyboard was the only big disappointment. It is almost unusable due to the screen being to close to the top row. All in all I think this is the greatest phone I've used.

  • Switch

I dnt knw why sony do such a laozy mistakes...
Just luk at this cel it lacks two basic things.,.
1) It has a laozy bettery.
2) Its screen is 65k.
And it could be another thing tht is important it is a windos mobile.
U all dnt knw how much easy and creative symbion mobiles can be...
Moreover saying the greatest ever windos mobile company named as HTC helped them creating this cell...
Dnt u feel shamful sonyeric users.?.
U have to face the truth sonyeric dnt even have a chance to compeet the world no.1 NOKIA nt even they can come close to SAMSUNG it means NOKIA is lyk way way way beyond them...