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  • Mequel

I have had the Xperia for a week now operating on Telstra's Next G HSDPA 850 Network. I had much angst choosing between it and a HTC (even though I understand components of the SExperia is HTC)and whether to go back to a Nokia or Iphone. In the end after a week I will run through what I have found.

I will run through in detail, as I was frustrated when I came here when I was deciding as no-one really gave indepth user experience. I hope mine helps someone as this is an expensive phone.

Battery Life: Excellent. getting about 3 full days just using voice and text with minimal 'play time'. I hit the device hard for a day utilising the camera, video, internet and other power hungry functions and still had 2 bars after 18 hours. Can't complain about that!
Usability: The keyboard is sexy. I love the raised buttons and the fact that you can 'feel' the button being pressed. The different way the keys are laid out to most other Smart phones has been well thought out with @ keys and question marks and other commonly used symbols being able to be selected without using a function key. A very intelligent person designed it. I have large fingers and find it is really easy to use. The only other Smart phone keyboard I have liked was the Moto Q9. The SEXperia rates a 9 out of 10 in my books. Love the big enter key and the big TAB key.

Panels: These functions I am not quite sure of yet but they are fun. They operate very much like applications on an Iphone, however SE website does not have a lot to choose from. Hopefully developers get into the game and throw some good apps this phone's way.

Volume: I find the ringing volume quite low, also playback of media files not loud enough on full volume. The speaker quality may have something to do with it? Not sure.

OS can be a little slow but I have gotten so used to smart phones lag that it doesn't bother me. It is so much like Windows it is not funny.

Documents: Have tried Excel and Word and it is fantastic. Can't say anymore. Glad full versions come with this phone.

Charger: Great idea incorporating the charger and data cable. The data USB end plugs into the wall plug and charges, or unplugs and doubles as the data cable.

Accessories: Bit light on I thought, no carry case, just a charger/data cable and the ear phones.

Charging: very quick, didn't exactly measure it but was done within an hour and a bit from flat. The data cable does not charge from USB port which is VERY STRANGE I thought. Going to confirm this one with sony.

Camera: Quite average, but I didn't buy the phone to take too many happy snaps. Video quite poor in quality. Is it too much to ask for everything? You can turn the camera sound off which is great for those discreet shots you may need to take ;)

Internet: Great through the Next G Network. Very happy. Panel access to Google with Gmail really easy.

Messaging: Stores all messages as conversations which I love and have gotten used to with Gmail. Fantastic in fact. Can't fault it.

Size: Compared to the Iphone, it is tiny, quite heavy but considering its a slide QWERTY I can't complain. Remember the JasJam??? lol.. half the size of that beast.

Asthetics: The phone is just sex on a stick. I get comments at the coffee shop asking what it is. It is really just a very attractive phone.

Bad stuff: SIM card is painful to get in and out. Speaker volume on calls as well as playback, no charge from data cable to PC.

My Rating: 9/10
Well done Sony Ericsson on this phone. I have dubbed it the SEXperia.

  • bahoban

im so piss, i brougth the xperia 5 days ago and battery life is crap!!!! i charge everyday,, this thing cant be!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2009hi i am interested in purchasing this phone, however i need to k... moreit depends on your connection for example before making any call you have use some numbers such *221, something like that

  • shaf_1_uk

got the xperia yesterday and i'm ina we of what a good phone this is, really well crafted and designed...the high res screen is brilliant and the different user interfaces liike (spb) or even the sony ericsson panels are very finger friendly some of them though u do need the stylus pen but its personal choice. fone looks amazing when u slide it sideways to reveal the qwerty problems so far very good fone indeed!

  • lulu

looks good!!

  • Anonymous

Is the message storage here practically unlimited?

That's the problem with my Sony Ericsson right now.... It just stores about a 100 messages...

  • Anonymous

hi i am interested in purchasing this phone, however i need to know about some basic features... 1) When sending an sms can u set delivery reports?? 2) Can you hide your number when making a call ie call from unknown number?? Both these features are needed in my business so if anyone using the X1 could please let me know i would really appreciate it, thanks.

  • X1

15 tips for Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 users­ew.html

  • D

u can buy this phone under au$1000 in australia. dont forget to give 100% vote

  • Anonymous

Got to muck around with it...

1) Right price Indian Rupees 29,000 to Rs 31,000/- overpriced by Rs 10,000/-

2) Key pad can be improved to be less dramatic tooo many sharp angles

3) SE has got too many loyal fans who are too willing to give this phone a high rating. I think it is worth a 7.9 8.3 and 8.3 rating is fair a 8.8, 8.8, 8.7 is too high.

  • Anonymous

i will get this phone, i work in phone store once we have it i will buy! i have the benefit of testing the handset first, so i guess i am lucky.. X1 will be mine hahahar..

  • aa

mohd, 06 Jan 2009plz...i bought mine from austria and the language is in german..... moreI think the language is dependent on the OS (Windows Mobile 6.1).

Get the English version and do the fresh installation.

It could be very risky job, why I said that because it may swipe out all the pre-loaded programs specific for that phone customised to the region you bought the phone.

  • aa

My X1 after one week...

I've installed TouchFlo3D on X1 (found on the net), worked nice but phone become unstable. The Garmin XT I had on it always freeze since then. Switching between panels also sometimes freeze.

Uninstall TouchFlo3D, took about 4 hours or more. Still freezing problem happen. Did hard reset, install again Garmin XT 5.02, TomTom 7, DivX player, Youtube, etc etc... no problem... no hang

I think TouchFlo (interface from HTC) cause serious memory problem on X1. There is one panel (spb) which can be downloaded, nice one and finger friendly.

Audio quality: as far as I know it has 1 speaker, and the music sound directly from the phone seems to be not rich, not as good as Nokia dual speaker such as N82, N95 etc... however, the sound quality can be very good if connected to external speaker. Could be due to small and mono speaker?

Camera: I think it is ok, but if X1 comes with CyberShot or Carl Zeiss lense could be better. Go for SLR camera if you really in to photography.

GPS: worked ok with TomTom7 and Garmin XT. Get satellite fix rather quick. The map looks very detail and sharp, the graphic much better than standalone ones. Thanks to the high pixels screen.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

crap phone for the price

  • Eslam

f4irul, 05 Jan 2009the xperia is too xpensive to purchased, however it will reduce ... morehay man it is good but it needs some practice on english

  • Nick

mohd, 06 Jan 2009plz...i bought mine from austria and the language is in german..... moreHey there, I believe that it is not possible to change the language on windows mobile devices, you would have to do a entire reset of the phone but that's way too complicated. However, I have found a Language Extender German to English, I think you can try that and see if it works. You can download the trial and test it. If it works properly you may want to buy it. It's a legal product of course by Paragon, It says it works on HTC touch HD that has the same resolution than the x1 and it's also WM 6.1, so it should work. Let me know if you succeed . See u. here's the link.­age_Extender_English.html

  • Anonymous

mohd, 06 Jan 2009plz...i bought mine from austria and the language is in german..... moreWow.. that's easy man, just talk to your xperia...,
say: Do you speak English you autrrrian morrrron... lol!

  • mohd

plz...i bought mine from austria and the language is in german...i changed the region and the language still the same...plz how can i change the language into english? i am so depressed...i need to use my mobile....thanx allot

  • Anonymous

@naqx - thanks for your opinion. Since I prefer the black one, I will check both which one is best suit for me. I've seen the steel silver already and really looks beautiful though.