Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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Binndas Hay Grue This Gadget Is Too Kool
can you send me more detail abt. it

  • Anonymous

the reason why nokia releasedd n82 is because k850 is a better camera phone than n95.
and most people knows that when it comes to music quality, SE can outlift nokia no matter what xpressmusic phones nokia could come up with.

  • Ztyle

Why oh why, did they not use the m2/microSD combined card reader from K850i?
I'm currently using an 8GB M2 in my mobile, and I don't like the idea of copying it over to a slower flash card.
So I guess that I will get the G900 instead, and cry over that every top mobile SE makes these days are with out m2 support

  • Anonymous

you know what guys? the only major problem with this xperia x1 is.. graphics accelaration.. SE should focus making the grahics accelaration faster for this model X1 has this kicking processor..

  • Anonymous

The chipsets used in the latest WM devices are on a different level from n and e series.Nokia like to hit the public with 5mp or 16 million colors.It sounds good but dosen't really men an awful lot!

  • nick

since the n95 classic set the standard, id agree phones havent changed much.

  • Thor

It was worth it 1.5 years ago when it came out :P Phones havent realy got that much better in 2 years, what the difference will be, when X1 comes out. Maybe if i sell E90 good i will go for X1 :P

  • Thor

But E90 has 4" screen which can show whole page at once, while X1 and others havo to move from side to side to read normal text...

This is the only thing that is holding me back from diching my E90 and buying X1. The same reason, why a bought E90 instead of Tytn 2 at the time, pls make 4" WM with qwerty mobile phone? Why, why, why is the E90 the only one?? I want to have the screen from E90 and everything else from X1!?!

  • Anonymous

Seriously, how can you people vote for a phone which you do not own. Gsmarena should votes until the handset is released, it does not make sense otherwise...

  • nick

well you see nokia has been developing a 1ghz proccessor.

i dont think you can call an HTC proccessor one of your own.

  • hugzzy

i really want this phone!

  • boyhukas

everybody knows that nokia is a DISPOSABLE phone. once it conks out it's better to throw it away. sony ericsson offers more sturdy phones than nokia. i've had a nokia e70 and it's keypad broke. i sent it back to nokia for repairs. after 1 month they sent it back to me saying they can't do anything about it. now how about that?? they can't even fix their own phones!


NOKIAS SMALLER PROCESSERS ARE FASTER THAN BIGGER PROCE. OF there is no point in giving a bigger one.
now u got me. even smaller nokia proc. are faster than bigger se proces.
now answer my questions[if you have any?]
1]why k850 lost 5mp war to king n95?
2]why se dont outsell nokia?
3]WHY THERE IS NO WIFI IN W910?[n81 has]
4]why no se could match[let alone besting it]n91 for music stakes?
5]why external speakers are lifeless in se[even walkman][6233/n73/5700/n81/n95 have very powerful stereo speakers]
so......what say now?????????/

  • eternal_wind

that's not REAL tsepz (i'm not fooled this time)

tspez is much smarter than that stupid provocating brainless guy...

by the way, I'm really surprised to see 3,2 MP picture so smooth. Better than 5 MP in QVGA, and tons of features!!

it makes me want to buy it even more badly!!

finish it!! Make the performance faster and release it already!!

  • Anonymous

Nokia fanboy say thet the N82 is better than X1, is it true? look at the fact below :
1. WVGA (X1) is 5 times better than QVGA.
2. 528 MHz (X1) is faster than 300+ MHz.
3. X1 has QWERTY, Touch screen and joystick and Nokia phone like N95/N82/N96 has not QWERTY, no touch screen etc, only E90 has QWERTY but no touch screen.
4. X1 has longer life battery at 1500 Li-PO
5. X1 has 4 LED light
6. X1 use 6.1 WM OS.
7. X1 is made of premium steel but almost Nokia phone is made of plastick.
8. X1 has HSUPA
9. X1 has VGA resolution of video on WVGA resolution screen, It means WVGA will increase resolution of VGA video as much as 76800pxl. In other word, You can watch a movie better than the device quality it self and look at Nokia phone, VGA resolution of video on QVGA resolution screen, it means QVGA will decrease VGA resolution of video (307200 to 76800).In other word, Nokia fanboy never enjoy VGA resolution of video at real quality on the ohone screen.Wasting money

10. X1 can show more pixels of Megapixels camera picture because resolution of screen which can show pixels as much as 384000 pxl rather than N82 can only show 76800pxl on screen so althought you use 5MP camera,only 76800pxl can be showed because limitation of QVGA screen resolution.In other word 3.2 MP on phone WVGA resolution screen is much better than 5MP on phone QVGA resolution screen.
11. 65000 color is more than enough and not make the phone more expensive. Look at expensive 16M color, do you thing there is an object has 16M color variation? is you car ? You painted your car with red, blue, black, yellow, green, pink, brown, purple and what else because there are stil 8 color not 16MILLION color variation.You can't detect color as mush as 16M color variation at once sight and your eyes have limitation.

Wasting money for buying a phone with useless devices

  • Anonymous

Nokia cant even make a battery used in it working 4 more than a yr or 2, each screw in a nokia phone is an agreement with another company, this makes it less in quality...

  • Kennedy

I work for 3, fulltime. have spent hours with our Sony Ericsson rep talking about this handset, it is fantastic. the only thing that he has suggested it lacks is a decent video processor.
i was not aware that the TyTN-3 was coming, having said that, 3 was dumb enough to ditch the TyTN-2.
im a SE fan, and i also use a N95. in regards to another note i saw on here, yeah i spose you could say that about nokia, they do have alot of problems in comparison the the Sony's. really looking forward to the xperia. rumour has it we should get it in stores around november this year ;)
i can promise ill be one to pay off my n95 and my K850i and upgrade straight away...

  • Goldenberg

In fact SE is much closer in technology level to Alcatel then to Nokia ! Only a fool will argue otherwise. And finaly do not confuse SE with HTC. There is not only one more letter in the word but,if you look closely,you will see that the letters are different :-) HTC builds the X1 and not SE ! Have you ever asked yourself WHY NOT? Samsung and LG payed the high fees to Nokia to licence the S60 OS. SE and Motorola did not. Look at the market share and profit level increase/decrease and you will see,incidentally SE and Moto are going down :-)
STOP supporting a looser - otherwise you may turn into one too ! ! !

  • NOKIA loosers

Wrong dudes NOKIA doesn't have "TOUCHSCREEN" even their King and Queen N95 and N82 and NOKIA doesn't also have VGA too and NOKIA DOESN'T have the processor of "500+ MHZ processor" NOKIA has have 300+ MHZ processor which is poor in browsing files and through internet period

  • Anonymous

Have any of you owned an E90?I had the E90 but could not stand it for more than a week before I sold it for a huge loss.

No matter what you have heard of Nokia the build quality was pathetic. The casing creeked giving the impression of cheap quality. The key tops had started scratching the inner screen and the unit would wobble if you made an attempt to use it like a laptop. The keyboard may look very impressive but was a horrible experience to use. I am using Touchpal right now and find it much better than the Nokia hardware keyboard.

Lack of good software was another reason for me not keeping the Nokia. Was not able to find a decent spreadsheet which would even come close to SoftMakers PlanMaker