Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Boa morte

To Nokia fans who being Provocator! "tell me which Nokia phone have 500Mhz or higher processor?Nokia always produce high price phone but their processor is the slowest among the phone maker

  • Keiki

Hmmm... Im curious about optical navigation

  • asad

anybody can tell the price of this phone

  • se rules

nokia is getting gelouse they new xperia will be a hit so they made a new phone with touchscreen hahahahahaha they are so pathetic

  • Keiki

The price is not out yet mate.

  • Dani

Yeah but Nokia Prism isnt

Optical joystick navigation

  • Meso

well i'm not sure where all of you live that are bashing SE and praising nokia, But, I live in Canada. I work for one of the leading gsm cell phone providers here, and the return rate on nokia phones whether it be software issues or just poor manufacturing is well over 80%, whereas with sony ericsson it is easily under 5%(with the exception of recalls eg. cracked keypad on w580i) So as you can see SE is killing nokia(at least here in Canada)

  • nick

um does anyone else find it funny that nokia released the n95 over 2 years ago, and sony erricson still cant make a better phone lol?

  • Anonymous

What's with all the flame? Jealous?

HTC designed a lot of phones for other companies too, so it's not debranding or defacing or whatever you came up as a lame excuse to bash a brand..

  • Anonymous

the buttons on the front look lyk a copy of the.....NOKIA PRISM buttons..uhm?

  • Anonymous


I thought you said that you will discuss your E90 in this XPERIA X1 site and you made promisses...

  • Dani


Good Points. thats just your taste and needs for a Phone, NOKIA has it for you.

SE has it for me, and the people in this forum.

its all about Peoples Needs.

i own a Nokia 6233 and W850i.

so im not bothered what company the Phone is made by. it just has to Suit my Needs.

all this *Fanboy* stuff is ..nonsense.

  • Rizwan

Now i am talking about only #xperia# happy.......?
Tell me why dont SE releas a proper video for
His function & performance or SE have a real
Problem with this hi end device.?????????????

  • Thor

Lol you people just don't get ti. This Phone is not Made from Sony, it is not made from HTC, Nokia phones are also not made from Nokia.

All phones are made in fatories all over the world, 95% ob what mobile phone has inside is same in all the phones, since there is a firm that makes procesor, a firm for ram, a firm for flash drive, a firm for plastic things.

Those firms just sell things for HTC, SOny, Nokia,... Sometimes some part of these firms are owned byy Nokia, Sony, HTC,.. So sometimes you have a Nokia phone, with parts from HTC owned firm, that makes ram or smth.

They have contracts between than.

So people!! All phone firms are same! Doesn't matter form who it is. It does a little, since Sony, HTC, Nokia will buy these parts from good firms, while Motorola from cheap.

So when buying a mobile phone, computer, grafpih card or anything else at all. If you buy a irm you are:
1. A naive person
2. A foul
3. Normal person who wants to look good.
4. All thins at once.

This phone has the best partsput together and designed from Sony, end.

  • Dani

if 16M Colour can look good only a 2 Inch screeen thats a Nokia 6300 and not a N95

then whats the point of the N95 having a 16M Colour display?

there aint no point.

this SE X1 has a 65K display which is fine for its Resolution which is a VGA Display.

SONY are the Masters of Displays! they make BRAVIA TV's etc VAIO Laptops

and everything else just like Samsung are the same thats why look their LCD TV's The BEST you can get!

same with SONY

SONY and Samsung have QUALITY in their Displays in their Phones.

were as Nokia hire a company to make their displays!

65K on this X1 will look good, since its a SONY !

it doesnt need 16M

  • Lotter

To the chap asking if one can do away with the SE branding. In principe yes,at least there is no mention to the contrary. I also think HTC should not have agreed to this way of business. As one can see, some uneducated fans think this device is made by SE,which of course, ISN'T true ! However,this form of 'manufacturing' is quite widespread in the cell business. Just about all the major networks (vodafone,O2,etc. etc) have a cellphone out there promoting their name and user interface,and all of them can be 'returned' to the 'original' form/manufacturer.

  • yo

sony ericsson is a great brand...sure most of its product is not as stable as nokia but depends on the users choice..more ppl are going for SE,and this phone is gonna rock the smartphone world.i love this phone so much

  • Keiki

Hmmm i think X1 will hit the market at the end of Q2 or beginning of Q3

  • Anonymous

there's websites which says this phone will be delayed for a year and another say it will be releasing in 2nd half of 2008. so i'm guessing we will be waiting for some time for this gadget.

  • indra

@ gonna buy x1

what's wrong with me if i posted like that, this is x1 forum then i tell my good opinion of x1 at one post rather than write some post step by step with jerk nokia words fan here and tell about their nokia in x1 forum.What a shame!!! if you dont like x1 so dont come here and go to your own forum then add your evil comments of x1 in there n not here.

i dont understand what you want to come in x1 forum and build your nokia.Don't to be provocator here because it's more uneducate than spammer!!

@ rizwan

iam not color blind, i told the truth that i prefer to have WVGA, it's 5 times better than 16M color because by WVGA resolution make expensive VGA video device and Megapixels picture more maximumly and can be enjoyed at real quality.What's wrong with the truth, are u blind ?i know you are nokia fanboy so u never accept lack of your nokia 4 ever