Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Ravichandra

This phone also supports HSUPA.

  • Pejman

Introducing Windows Mobile 6.1­lt.mspx

  • Aren

The phone is really nice and I like the whole eligant design of this mobile. I appreciate it. I will to have that phone with me before I leave my city.

  • Anonymous

Assisted GPS helps to keep tracking when your in areas where satellite reception would be poor,for example tunnels.To benefit from A-GPS you must have a REAL GPS lock.

  • 4r1e

can anyone tell me, what is the different between A-GPS with GPS itself?

  • Rose

This phone is distracting my intentions of getting another SE because of it's uniqueness. Aside from the fact that I am trying to review this phone, I'm aware that ignorance is above all contagious including lack of maturity. (Perhaps a serious case of multiple personality disorder?) It's really disconcerting to having to scan over a few pages just to finally read some reviews or comments of this fascinating phone. Ciaos

  • Bilal Bokhari

Mark my words People ... This phone will be the Mobile of the year...... or atleast this phone is gona break some record thats for sure...

  • ch3sty

yes new member in da crew and this fone is the don, and colourful lol, and if u wana fone for a tenner a month giv me a shout, ill gv ya 850mins n 400 txts, or 750 mins n unlimited txts for the same price, both with a new phone if u want, holla FONES DIRECT! ya getz me peepz!!! nah im bein honest, GET MAD, GET MAD!!!!!!

  • Michael

I hope Se would create another version of this phone with 16m colors and TV output but this phone is quite cute too...

  • elec3ic

totti, if you will better in phone specifications you will see what XPERIA has built in GPS and also supports A-GPS function.

  • Anonymous

I heard that this X1 will cost more than
USD 880... very expensive....

  • Anonymous

In most cases an A-GPS in a cell phone is implemented with a classic GPS receiver embedded in cell phone and some processing of the data collected by phone's receiver from satellites is sent over the cell phone network to a server to be processed and the server sends back the results for location and possible the map. So a part of computing is done remotely on a server. Such service is for a fee and you use the network connection. Instead a non A-GPS device, a standard GPS makes all the processing in cell phone and the maps are stored in its memory, you don't need network connection.

  • Anonymous

The phone is great but I think the panels are a very stupid idea. I wish they didn't waste time developing the stupid panels. It would probably have been out already. I dont want it because of SE's add ons. I want it because it has windows mobile and superb hardware. When I get it I will probably get rid of the panels. I have plenty of WM software that augment my WM experience. Cant wait for it to come out!

  • Anonymous

Video for all of you X1 hungry people out there.

  • koolaid man

honestly people your main issue with this phone has been the 65k screen

honestly did you look at the style shape and all around set of features of this phone
its amazing yall can complain about the 65k all ya want im buyin this and enjoying it

  • Anonymous

lol It has built in GPS AND assisted gps

  • Anonymous

Are you stupid?It has a built in GPS module and also has A-gps for obtaining the latest satellite positions.

  • Anonymous

It's not easy designing a device to run a robust OS with touchscreen.UIQ was/is fairly basic in comparison with WM6 Professional.I seriously doubt this handset will be fast but I'm willing to bet it will be a million times better than the future s60 touch devices.Nokia and s60 Symbian will probably release some halfway house effort and no doubt the legions of incompetents will be shouting from the rooftops about how good it is!!

  • Sone

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To all

" Sony Ericssion just released the official XPERIA X1 White Paper. While we know most of its features already, there are a lot of items in the document that are have been described in more detail. Below are some selected X1 details:
1. Pre-loaded XPERIA panels:

Sony Ericsson Panel - news weather, finance, worl clock, weather, and app shortcuts
Media Experience Panel - multimedia consumption and navigation
Slideshow Panel - slideshow of recent videos and pics
microsoft Today Panel - standard Windows Mobile Today screen
3D Fish Panel - Aquarium with 3D fishes
Custom Panels - user customized " Read more here:
2. Media Sharing - allows media sharing (DLNA compatible) via ActiveSync or WiFi

3. Video recording options

MPEG-4: 30fps @ VGA
H.263: 30fps @ VGA (U.S. model only at 24fps)
H.264: 15fps @ VGA (not supported on U.S model)
4. Browser bundled is only Internet Explorer

5. Location services - Google Maps is pre-installed by default which provides real0-time traffic, driving directions, POI and GPS positioning.

6. Email

Exchange Direct Push is built-in
Set-up Wizards for Gmail, Yahoo, Live Hotmail
POP3 configured automatically
7. Java ME pre-installed

8. MicroSD support - SDHC compatible

9. 1700MHz support is notably missing