Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • Anonymous

Finally, after a long time sony ericsson has made a phone which has raised the bar for stylish smartphones. The next closest thing is the o2 XDA phones which fell too bulky and not good to look at. I am definatley getting this.

  • Anonymous

3.15MP Camera is more than sufficient unless you wanted to print very large photo's.How many people print LARGE pics taken with a camera phone?The Megapixel race is full of hype and marketing

  • Dawg

I hope that the display support really dvd-quality and has great (loud) mega bass and speakers?

Just one more question?

Does it support real awesom 3d games?


  • Ales

ready for memory cards SD-HC ???? Thanks

  • Anonymous

and what about the bad camera agenst nokea 5meg pixel and tv out put ??????????

  • Anonymous

they no1 but why they making this stubed step internal memory 400 mb vs iphone 8g they must be more compatteve to the the i phone futers. more why they dont stil use normal size of memory stik magicgate and more ram now become very chiep why they dont put mass internal storeg like32g or more . when make anew invension why they dont ask pepole what they like in there cel-phone so they can defet all kind of cell phone chalenges .thanks

  • Anonymous

The WM version of Coreplayer plays full youtube we speak the Symbian coreplayer can't.

  • Anonymous

How did you know taht the camera is NOT good and this phone is not yet out MR. NOT GOOD so stop complaining ang ruining the image of this great phone and you have nothing to say but ruin the image of this phone and built-up your UGLY, BULKY, FAT phone NOKIA

  • Steve J

Thor, I read one of your posts a few days ago where you were upset about the limitations-in your view- of Symbian. You were lamenting on the paucity of quality 3rd party applications and the browser. I want to ask you whether one is able to play full versions of Youtube and CNN videos on any Symbian or WM phone? I have heard that Flash Lite 3 allows for only the mobile versions of Youtube. Are there any flash players available that one can install in the phone to play full versions of videos seen in the web such as CNN videos?
I am hoping that we will be able to take full advantage of SE X1's great screen by being able to view videos from the web.

  • Anonymous

this mobile is not good n95 8gb isvery good mobile its all in one 5mp camera very good audio system and is from nokia its very good softwer n95 8gb can add program x1 canot add program and windows mobile is very bad system i like n95 8gb not x1 is biger than mobile i want mobile all in one x1 one not all in because is big and cameA NOT GOOD VERY BAD

  • sticko

The best possible choice for 12 year old boy its up to you.If u prefer cool touchscreen rather then n-gage application then go for x1 if u like games go for n96.Simple.Don't listen guys who say that are u to young for this device because i started using pc at 9 year. So u are not to young for starting your xperia x1 experience :) jealous guys ...

  • manugsuya

this phone is far more better than iphone.. i think this is a cool phone when it comes out.

  • Thor

You definetly can't get X1 for 12 year old boy, couse it is a complicated device, ment for people like me, who want to install several applications, tune the setting, while N96 is more suitable to just play with it, with not so much knowledge. Only get him X1 if he is a computer geek and will hack it a little, cause only than it becames usefull. WM phone is for people who are ready to spend a lot of time for it to make it work good. N96 is better out of the box, simplier, the ultimate gaming mobile phone.

As for the symbian freeks. I have E90, my first smarthphone (second mobile phone :P) and i am definitly getting X1, symbian is just too limited, that makes it OK for 90% of people who don't want to spend 1-2 weeks just reading how all works to make WM work. It has windows and the if you want to use it, you must be a pro at using you desktop PC.

  • Anonymous

Whats better for twlve years old boy:nokia n96 or xperia X1.Xperia have cool touchscreen but nokia n96 have symbian with n-gage program.
When these phones come out?
Ok, please help me to choose~!
(sorry for my bad english)

  • Anonymous

You can't believe what you read on Symbian forums Some of the members have hidden agenda's and spread malicious untrue rumours about WM.If they want to play around with e90's with half assed s60 OS that's their problem.I believe the Xperia X1 will be better than the e90 in almost every department.

  • Anonymous

This phone is not yet out so don't invent words which you do know at all!!! and this phone is great and try to base it in the vote of this phone it's high ok dude

  • Anonymous

This device promises big things,I sure hope it delivers!one thing for sure is that Nokia fanbois at mysymbian etc are obviously worried hence the comments.. WM is rubbish..E90 is better...SE and Xperia are two years behind..It is amusing but you have to wonder why those dudes write what they do

  • glen

most women prefer shoes to their boyfriends,,well most men prefer gadgets to their girlfriends so take that women

  • GTS

If I'm looking at the pic right, it's not using the old charger to chage the phone and is using micro/mini USB. Awesome.

  • XXX

To sone, thanx for the info. this phone is the ultimate machine hope SE launch it soon. still confused why they removed that windows logo though! ;-)