Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

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  • j

what a phone, think i may beat one out

  • .::Next_Level::.


Forget iPhone!!

iPhone has been killed a LOOONG time ago !!! haha!! When a phone in 2008 aint got no 3G... its out of da competition...


  • Rd. Vortex

This sure seems like a sweet phone, it looks good, has large high resolution display and a qwerty keypad. Can't wait to see the reviews when this comes out.

  • Elvis

can one of you guys tell me who is going to use his phone as GPS? gps is just some extra rubish. if you really wan'it ok you can buy one of those nokias. all of you are complaining about lack of gps. and i'm sure that only 1% of all you guys are going to use it.

  • Daniel

when this hits gna get it..iphone killer!

  • .::Next_Level::.

OK folks lets make predictions about the price of this beauty! (I was right about the W960i price.. :)

I say:

Min: 610€
~ : 669€
Max: 740€

  • Anonymous

the newest sony ericsson !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

yeah I absolutely agree that Sony Ericsson are the beat phone!!! Nokia are loosers

  • Sina™

Guys, X1 doesn't support GPS:

A-GPS != GPS. Devices with only A-GPS has no radio link with satellites.
They use navigation information provided by GSM or CDMA base stations (which
have GPS modules) to determine your location. A-GPS only devices are not
real GPS devices and they are very inaccurate.

  • Anonymous

not everyone needs a camera in their phone. alot of business ppl only need wifi, organiser, email, internet. sms and make and recieve calls. i too would like 5mp as it would be the ultimate tool for me, cam, wifi, gps, qwerty keyboard, internet, hopefully se gets their act 2gether soon and does it all

  • Anonymous

Just wondering if this phone will have the FM transmitter or not?

  • .::Next_Level::.

se 4 life

  • jojo

No matter Sony Ericsson X1 runs in wat OS, i still love Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson is the best...! Everyone knows it.

  • Sina™

Don't you know?
You can download Office 6.1 update for Win Mobile from Microsoft download page.

  • Anonymous

I am waiting for this one...but one objection...there is no specification about MS office

  • jojo

hey... check it out...

SE P5i is going to release soon...

go to google and type on the search "sony ericsson p5i".

  • Sina™

Like I said, it's HTC X1, heha.
After this, don't say: Symb is better that Win Mobile, no, it's not.
If you like Symb devices, go ahead & buy Symb PDA.
In display, resolution & colors & render mod are important.
Nokia 6300 supports: 320*240 res, 16M color & 24 bit color depth, just little like desktop.
Sony Ericsson W810i support: 176*220 res, 262K coloer & 18 bit color depth.
HTC Adva 7510 have ATI Imageon GPU & also good sound card.
But what about HTC X1?

  • mandingo

XPERIA said:
Half you people on here don't know what you're talking about, especially this clown. Sony DOESN'T make the Xperia, it's made by HTC and branded to Sony.

I'll repeat: The SE Xperia X1 is a HTC phone, designed and manufactured by HTC and is only branded by Sony, who also developed the software interface. Do your research before you start flapping them gums.

And to everyone else saying "it lacks features"'s a fully enabled Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone...the most powerful and functional true smartphones on the planet. Symbian doesn't and cannot hold a candle to Windows Mobile 6 and trying to compare the iphone to ANY Win Mo device from a functionality perspective is just plain stupid.

  • Anonymous

x1 is the best on the market
but im sure the price will be the same

  • Resan

Any has doubt about X1