Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • AnonD-12982

What is better at playing games and fast internet connectivty Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, Samsung Galaxy fit, or HTC Wildfir?

  • Anonymous

question, why is that some mp4 file I transfer to my SE x8 don't work?, receiving error prompt that the video cannot be played, I thought this unit can play any mp4 files, please help

  • juan

How can I send files over bluetooth??

  • z@ki

zie, 05 Jul 2011why my sony x8 cannot download anything when i use market???can ... morer u already reg.with google/gmail.acc.??

  • shiny

sexy fone but one feature is less flip keepad if it had dat i would hve bought it.........

  • Anonymous

majid, 05 Jul 2011Is this phone updatable to android version 2.2?No

  • Rakesh

What is the difference between Anaroid,sybian,bada OS??
Plz tell me..

  • Rakesh

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is a superb smart phone with all the qualities.... I like it very much...

  • majid

Is this phone updatable to android version 2.2?

  • sunfadezZ

zie, 05 Jul 2011why my sony x8 cannot download anything when i use market???can ... moreit's easy to download apllications from de market..when your network connectivity is speed...before entering applicationz check ur network connectivity.........moreover network connectivityy is superb in this phone(smart phone).........

  • sunfadezZ

it's xtremely a superb Android model for the users .....who knows to download and install android applications from de ANdroid market........only applications makez this model unique.......................

  • zie

why my sony x8 cannot download anything when i use market???can u tell me

  • Adaj

I can see on youtube unofficial froyo versions supporting pinch zoom there any hope we get such official version

  • majid

I am really intersted in this phone but I would like to know some things about this phone before buying it:
1-As we know in some feature phones like my lg kp500 there isnt flash support but it is possible to install bolt browser in order to watch online videos.
Is it possible to install a third party app to play online videos?.I mean most of them not only youtube ones.Its very important for me because nokia c5-03 can support many online viseos and it makes me confused betwwen botth.
2-Is the audio quality and also camera quality is good regardless of it has no autofocus and flash.
3-which is the max resolution supported by the phone while playing mp4 or 3gp videos?

  • sif

My 4th SonyErricson. But whatever i expected is bombed. Some features couldn't be even compared to my old W580. . X8 have Below-average Camera, Music player(even no equalizer), Less file-supported Video Player..(No use at all). Phone-call interface in android 2.1 is also messy. Cant connect internet to computer via mobile.(should go for android 2.2 which is not provided to X8)

The good things are- its an Android fone within budget. Can download as much android software from 'MARKET'.
Good screen clarity.

  • selvandoc

Dear friends/guys,

Can we modify camera settings?can we increase the brightness of the phone and the camera mode?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-7477, 03 Jul 2011was going through d specs of d fone nd i saw dt it plays wma nd ... moreYou can see the supported audio/ video file formats (out of the box) here­34/1300103123/X8_WP_6.pdf
And to play the other formats as you mentioned you can go to Android Market to install 3rd party apps to play music and video.

  • AnonD-7477

was going through d specs of d fone nd i saw dt it plays wma nd wmv files bt wen i put a wma file in my phone it was sayin file nt supported.what am i goin to do to make it play does files

  • myvee

Now I am using x8 with 2.2.1(froyo)

  • AnonD-6678

hi ppl. i need a suggestion, when i got my xperia x8 connected to my pc, threats were detected and deleted. but to my surprise i cant find any of the folders available initially like the android, DCIM, music, video, etc. but in my phone i can see all the files and folders available and can also access them, but when connected to pc, ther are no files and folders detected in the "phone card" drive.i cant make any file transfer.

i have already reinstalled my pc companion twice.
what should i do?? should i reboot my phone??

plz help me out...