Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • nicole

best smartphone ever. I had fun using the bottle message from the android market. I love it.. oh and I also installed games from play now and from the android market.. I will never try to replace this phone coz its the coolest smartphone I'd ever had.. :)

  • dinnn

My X8 cannot receive file (music, pict and video) using bluetooth. after that error icon (triangle shape) appear on status bar, look like no way to remove that icon.
anybody have same problem? myn android 2.1

thanks in advance

  • Romie

It has the best VCorex installer.....

  • vikky

vky, 20 Mar 2011Does x8 have a flash player or not Plz replyNo man.. It doesn't have FLash

  • siddu

Please donot buy this mobile if you want to enable your outlook.

You can upgrade your android software till 2.1.You cannot update more than this.So no use of androiod soft wares.

  • Anonymous

dear friends,plz help me,frm ver i can find my sent items,out box

  • Anonymous

som, 30 Mar 2011Can I make a video call????no , you can't

  • raine

is x8 better than blackberry curve?

  • Anonymous

Thor899, 30 Mar 2011Yes, you can use gps without 3g or pay for navigation or not

  • yogesh khatri

Menu Common.i think Nokia menu very proper handled.

  • Anonymous

Budak2, 29 Mar 2011Which is better ??? X8 or X10 mini ???? i like to watch video ... moreif cam is not main for then go for x8. if cam is main go for x10 mini but don't expect batery back up

  • mon 2011

how i make zoom i dont know

  • vali

gaurav, 29 Mar 2011hey arun can i install skype and gtalk on this fone and make voi... moreI installed skype on android 2.1 and it's working, I can make calls even trough 3G network.

  • AnonD-4978

How to make video call in my XPERIA X8?

  • niky

X8 is better than Iphone. to hell with battery life

  • som

Can I make a video call????

  • Thor899

alberto.krieg, 29 Mar 2011Can I use GPS without 3g or wi fi connection? I want buy one but... moreYes, you can use gps without 3g or wifi.

  • Primark

try out the swype keyboard its freakin awesome haha better than default keyboard anyways. to be honest I find x8 the best bang for the buck among the lowrange phones

  • ghost

i just brought this phone for few day ago... it's really amazing's very smooth operating android 2.1 respond.. thanks for all yours comments to changed my mind to buy this phone..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2011Is it possible to install swype keybored on X8? Also how is the ... moreYou can check swype software availability/compatibility here