Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • x8 user

Hey there x8 users..i got my bnew x8 for my graduation gift.=))..since it only has a 3' screen and it has a virtual qwerty pad, it is hard to text..but i recommend you to install swype,it's you x8...

you can download swype here:­-x8i-se-shakira-device-1641/system-utilities-tag­/swype-download-15886.html

  • avishek

Camera quality is exclnt but no zoom facility. otherwise it is a best buy in itz price range

  • Anonymous

GrewSober, 04 Apr 2011I used to have this since I used to be a big fan of Sony Ericsso... morehandle ur Samsung Galaxy Ace very carefully when compared to x8 are'nt else u will suffer alot mr.

  • newbie

dinnn, 01 Apr 2011My X8 cannot receive file (music, pict and video) using bluetoot... moretry to install bluetooth file transfer application available freely in android market.

  • GrewSober

I used to have this since I used to be a big fan of Sony Ericsson but due to the phone`s software,hardware & features limitation I've replace my X8 with the Samsung Galaxy Ace. What can I say?! I am now a convert. Samsung do really gives you your money's worth when you buy their phones. Goodbye Sony Ericsson. Looking forward to have the Samsung Galaxy S II!

  • Smartphone Lover

Bought this phone a week ago and I'm experiencing many problems already..
I thought this phone was going to be a good one but it's not.. Auto-Restart/Shutdown.. Camera force close.. No zoom & no flash.. Gets slow.. Simple phone with no very extraordinary features.. Touch screen sometimes doesn't work.. I'm gonna throw this one in the trash can.. BAD PHONE

  • AnonD-2117

ainee, 03 Apr 2011i don't know which one i want to buy? i think i want nokia c5-03... morei thnk go 4 se x8...
c5-03 is not a gud phone made by nokia
operating system is not so gud.....
it doesnt even have a proximity sensor which locks the touchscreen the momemt u put it on ur ear so while u attend a phone ull first have to take care of locking the screen or u might tap something on the screen wid ur chin.......... its body is glossy fingerprint magnet, everytime u'll find urself wiping it with ur shirt
.......also the screen viewing angles are BAD
all the disadvantages i wrote above are corrected in x8
so why d hell u want to go 4 c5.....?????

  • katz

is this cellphone qwerty or alphanumeric?

  • ainee

i don't know which one i want to buy? i think i want nokia c5-03 than experia..but the seller always convince me take dis one..coz it was fun rather than nokia c5-03..but after i read all d comment on xperia x8,i think i wouldn't buy dis sony..plss gve me good reason on buying dis phone..i plan to buy dis on dos weekend..

  • ace

guys..this phone has no zoom in and zoom out in camera???

  • jephax

i bought this phone yesterday..>>>and it sounds good to me..nice one sony ericsson..waiting for sony ericsson xperia arc!!!!

  • AnonD-5286

how to expand android 1.6 to 2.1 in sony x8.. pls tel me a clear answer.. where can i get that.. if any websites are there for that means pls send than link.. then how to do instant chatting in gmail in sony x8.. i need a clean answer for both this question.. im waiting for your answer sir...

  • prasi

how to make instant messaging in g mail?

  • camerule

watch my unboxing for the black one!

  • ddanwel

Hi everyone. I'm planning to have one of this. I'm a lover of Sony Ericsson phones, but the only problem with SE phones is the battery life. My question is, can X8 have enough juice to suit my music usage???

  • kumar

i thought it first that its really nice device but ,it take some more time to open a message and send a msg to any one,CAN ANY ONE SAY A TIP IMPROVE THIS ?

  • move2win

first i bought this phone, a little bit confuse with the human interface. but step by step i learn, i think the phone is the best price in the middle class. especially for android market, i can install many variation of program and still many more of HD game. i recommend all of you to try this phone. i love my xperia x8.

  • na

diz is the a very good phn made by sem..cost effective price android smart phn...has a.gps..wifi...and durable also and trst worhty phn and very very user friendly..

  • AnonD-2117

hey tel me which is better to go 4????
lg optimus one or xperia x8
i know that optimus one provides more features at almost same price than x8 bt i want to know which brand to trust(i used to buy only nokia b4 so now i need some suggestions on this PLZZ).......
i want a trusty, least problematic phone wid basic features(NOT SO MUCH DAMNED ABOUT FROYO)

  • Anonymous

does it works really well with 16gb memo card????? or it gives problm????