Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

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  • daas

daas, 11 Oct 2010Got it yesterday here in Bangalore. Looks and touch response are... moreGot the answer,, Voda live won't allow to connect to google apps. I changed to Voda Mobile Connect and it's working fine...

  • Lasse

Just got this phone today! :)

It rocks.. :D

  • daas

Got it yesterday here in Bangalore. Looks and touch response are awesome. Sound and the camera are pretty good tooo.

I'm struggling to setup the Google accounts. I could browse through the default browser. But when setting up google account OR SE sync service, it's showing 'U don't have a network connection' Any idea about this. Mine is a vodafone connection with voda live activated. I am unable to check the android market also... PLease help...

  • Hardik

Congrats 4 ur new phone...
even i m planning 2 buy this phone since 2 weeks...
but i m confused bet X8 & X10 mini pro...
still i lyk X8 d most...
neways my question is how do u knw that BLACK color is gonna come in X8..???...
n does X8 plays videos on full screen..???
n while using camera does it use full screen...???
waiting 4 ur reply...

Thanks alot in advance...

  • krishh

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2010anybody downloaded airtel gprs settings? if so how? i am not ge... moreHi friend,

If you are already subscribed to data plan in your connection (Airtel)just insert the sim into your X8. It automatically downloads the settings for GPRS and all other wap related applications. If you have any doubts, reply to me.

  • krishh

Hi Friends,

Finally yesterday I bought this sexy baby. I am really loving it. 1st I want to tell the cons.

#1: The skin looks like cheap plastic
#2: The file manager doesn't exist. We need to download it from market. But need more patience to choose the right one.
#3: Phone book editing, and message editing is not up to mark like in the previous versions of SE. (I still like my W910i.)
#4: The headset is an in ear headset.(Its not good for ears and can't hold properly in ears)

But, Best for: Many reasons.

Internet browsing, Auto screen off while talking, Market applications, wi-fi, bluetooth.

Screen resolution is really nice. Speed is also good.
Touch responds wonderfully.

I loaded an 8gb sd card, the 1st minut it loads everything and what ever the load may be, its not at all hanging.

Good sound quality, and battery also nice( need second opinion on this.

Friends, dont worry to buy this mobile, soon we can get the black skins and the android 2.1 upgrading.

Bye friends.

  • Anonymous

Can tell me which phone i should buy from this list, Sony Xperia X8,Sony Hazel,Samsung Galaxy 3 and Nokia x6..

  • funfun

hi X8 users there, pls help to answer my queries: -

1) can i video call on X8?
2) can i play facebook game on X8?


  • HArish

Hi Frnd Sony xperia x8 is Awemsome... I have purchase it 2days back for 13900.. I like the mobile very much, its Sound, clarity n also net Browsing... the only thing abt it i am depress is it does not have Zoom facility... n Seconday no viedo calling...
Can i know 4rm any one whether it has Zoom for Cam..

  • Hardik

sorry praveen....... i 4got 2 tell u that i hav asked u abt Xperia X8...n not abt X6...since u hav both

  • Hardik

This is again hardik here....well i dnt knw if u remember me...neways...wanted 2 ask u whether Videos & Camera uses full screen...i heard sum where that it doesnt...sum1 said u need 2 download an app to watch videos on full screen...n even camera doesnt uses d full it TRUE..???...

Thanks a lot...
waiting 4 ur reply...

  • Anonymous

anybody downloaded airtel gprs settings? if so how?
i am not getting any settings eventhough i have sent smas FUN to 54321.
and how to use gprs in this mobile.


Can any body tell me whether this handset is bluetooth compatible?

  • Dude

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2010its usable 168mb ram cum in sets of 128 256 512 like tht dumalways the total ram is written in the specifications!
not the usable ram!
foe example go to x10's specifications, there the ram is 384 mb which is the total ram!
now whose a dumb!

  • katherine

really i am gonna take this phone, after reading a sneak preview from i was impressed.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]its usable 168mb ram cum in sets of 128 256 512 like tht dum

  • jasdeep

any x8 user plz tell me how is the video recording in it is vga 30fps written in specs.i m using hazel which also has 30fps vga rec. And tell u that it seems like hd it really in x8 also?i wanted to know bcoz hazel has 5mp cam whereas x8 has 3.2 without auto focus.plz anyone who uses x8 reply.

  • A123

And how the battery is?

  • Saiyancatszx

I have paid for it~^_^ I will get it on Tuesday~lalalala~~

  • MNDer-Android

Entry Level MND - Android Smartphone
(Mobile Networked Device)

With the tweaked Qualcomm MSM7227 ARMv6 CPU this 3-inch 3.2MP networked mobile device should complement the lower cost smartphone arena provided it has a decent entry price point.


-Qualcomm 600MHz CPU: Updated processor supports better graphics, video, connectivity and is Android 2.x compatible. With its "extra" threads 600MHz should suffice.

-480x320 16M capacitive screen should allow user a decent Android v2.x experience

-Suports GPS and a-GPS provided antenna is adequate.

-Connectivity: Supports most networking including GMS/GPRS, EDGE, 3G/HSDPA and Wifi/WLAN 802.11b/g.
As such staying connected most anywhere and will provide nearly top speed communications and broadband like quality. Only lacks CMDA-EvDo and 4G/LTE

-Android 2.x compatible means once the OEM and MSP upgrade to version 2.2 users will have near 100pct functionality within this device.

-Android Marketplace Apps is growing and maturing with many applications at second generation levels.

-Decent 3.2mp camera will allow good quality pix. Any higher MP level increases base cost and 3.2cams give "good pic"

-3.5mm jack (still a plus) for directly connected earplugs or headphones and direct connect to automobile stereo.

-Micro USB (for tethering, power and upgrades)


-No 802.11n WLAN/WiFi. Any newly launched device should include this newest connection speed.

- NO Adobe Flash Mobile for Android Support as CPU is ARMv6. You live with having JAVA functionality or pay more for an ARMv7 or above processor. Flash content is so intensive these days that Adobe gave up trying to get v6 devices working well enough to be acceptable.

-Less than 1GHz cpu (expensive). Eventually 1GHz will be the Entry Level Device Standard but not today.

-ANDROID V1.6. Launched with Donut? (old...old...old).

This still shows me that OEM's and MSP's continue to fail to properly staff and fund their project "Test Engineering". Too many glitches and even flaws are launched making users either flee to the DEV community to ROOT phones or often wait six months or more for one update.

- 3.0 inch screen. Portrait Qwerty keyboards often smallish for larger fingers. Some may find this a bit small for touchscreen but it will allow you the "android experience". And actually for most things 3.0 to 3.5 inches will suffice quite nicely.

-NO 4G/LTE but then this isn't supposed to be a 4G phone.


As an entry level Android Smartphone the X8 ought to compete nicely with other entry to moderate level MND's. Its lack of at least 256mb RAM may play out to be an issue for anyone who likes to install many applications.

Android 2.2 allows installation to the SD Card but only if phone is rooted. Which if you own an X8 may be your only choice in order to get the most from this entry level phone. If you keep installations to minimum or moderate levels keeping it at stock rom should be adequate.

I would reccomend this phone to anyone wishing to own an Android MND Smartphone who is on a budget or not quite ready for the top of the line expensive 720p MND's. My holiday purchases will include several X8 or similar devices for nieces and nephews still using older version Symbian, other proprietary systems or any of the cheap prepaid bargain phones.

For those willing to wait within the next year the DualCore CPU based upgraded GPU1080p Mobile Devices should be available to take advantage of Android 3.x. And once FULL LTE/4G Connectivity is available a near 5-inch MND should be on the included